Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments and Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide

Bayezid District, North

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Fragment 1

At the northwestern edge of the docks, you’ll see a partially drydocked green-and-white boat. The Fragment you’re after is hiding on the eastern side of its stern.

Fragment 2

From the Fragment 1 boat, turn and look a little distance to the east. You’ll find the next Fragment on top of this building:

Fragment 3

Directly south of Fragment 2 (but still in sight of the river), you’ll see this fortress-looking tower:

Climb up there and claim your Fragment from the battlements:

Fragment 4

Almost directly east of the tower above (and just northwest of a bank) is a mosque with a tall minaret. The next Fragment can be found atop its dome.

Fragment 5

From where you grabbed the last Fragment, head some distance south to the Thieves’ headquarters (and ignore the Fragments showing up to the east for now, because they’re in a different district).

Climb up to the roof of Thief HQ, and you’ll find the next Fragment.

Fragment 6

Due west of the Thieves’ headquarters, a short distance north of the Bayezid Mosque and just southeast of the Zeyrek Mosque, you’ll find the next Fragment on top of a freestanding column near two stone stairways. Climb the nearest building and jump over to grab it.

Fragment 7

A couple blocks west of the Zeyrek Mosque, you’ll find the building pictured below. Climb its latter to claim your next prize.

Fragment 8

Fragment 8 can be found on one of the columns on the promenade in front of (which is to say northwest of) the Bayezid Mosque.

Fragment 9

This one’s pretty easy to find; just head onto the roof of the Bayezid Mosque.

Once there, climb the spire on top of its central dome, and you’ll find the Fragment at the top.

Fragment 10

Just to the west of the Bayezid Mosque is a dome-covered building that looks like a fenced courtyard on the map. The Fragment can be found floating over its northeastern face.

Fragment 11

Head west from the dome-covered building where you found Fragment 10, and you’ll find this building, just southwest of a bookshop and a doctor:

Climb up to its roof and look for the next Fragment next to the lip of its dome, on the western edge.

Fragment 12

This one’s at the southeastern edge of the Valens Aqueduct. Climb up the nearby scaffold to get close to it.

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