Assassin's Creed Revelations Data Fragments and Ishak Pasha's Memoir Pages guide

Ishak Pasha's Memorial Pages

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Memoir Page 1: Galata Tower

This one’s pretty easy; hell, you’ve probably already gotten it by accident. All you have to do is climb to the very top of Galata Tower, and you’ll find it sitting atop the spire.

Memoir Page 2: Gul Mosque

Just between the Gul Mosque and the fenced Janissary camp (it’s east of the Fatih Mosque in the North Constantine District, in case you’re not sure) is a walkway that leads through a somewhat ruined fortress wall. The next page can be found at the top of the stairs pictured below:

Memoir Page 3: Fatih Mosque

Head over to the Fatih Mosque’s northwestern tower, and get ready to do some climbing.

The page can be found near the top of the tower, sitting on the second balcony by a chest.

Memoir Page 4: Romani Headquarters

This one’s just north of the open plaza where the Romani like to hang out in the South Constantine District, and it hides just behind a seemingly impassable grate, to the left.

To reach it, just climb up and over the grate, and you’ll be able to access the tunnel it’s guarding from the other side.

Memoir Page 5: Arcadius

To find this one, seek out the biggest building in the southwestern corner of the map (in the South Constantine District), which you can find due south of the Arcadius tunnel entrance. It looks like this:

Climb up to its roof, and you’ll find the page near its northern edge, next to a stack of books.

Memoir Page 6: Arsenal

To get this one, you’ll have to head to the Arsenal District, specifically its northwestern edge. Look for a blue-painted barnlike building nestled against the wall.

Head inside the building and look up to the rafters. The next page is there, waiting for you.

Memoir Page 7: Little Hagia Sophia

Head over to the Little Hagia Sophia in the South Bayezid District, and get ready to do some climbing.

The page can be found, unsurprisingly, on top of the mosque’s central spire.

Memoir Page 8: Bayezid Mosque

To find this one, visit the Bayezid Mosque in the North Bayezid District. Climb up its northeastern tower.

At the top, you’ll find the page you seek – and get a nice view of your surroundings.

Memoir Page 9: Grand Bazaar

Finding this one couldn’t be simpler; just clamber onto the roof of the North Imperial District’s Grand Bazaar, and head for its central dome. The next page is there for the taking.

Memoir Page 10: Hagia Sophia

The final memoir page – and you probably will want to make this the final one, just for convenience’s sake – can be found on the tower at the eastern corner of the Hagia Sophia.

Above: For reference, this is Ezio standing on the roof of the Hagia Sophia, looking directly east

Climb up there, and you’ll find the final page waiting on the floor of the balcony.

Now, not only will you score the Worth A Thousand Words Achievement/Trophy (20G/Bronze), but you’ll open Revelations’ secret area: a challenge level set within the Hagia Sophia itself. Finish it, and you’ll gain access to the tomb of Ishak Pasha – and, more importantly, you’ll get Pasha’s imposing, masked suit of armor as a trophy. Enjoy!

Note that the armor is not actually bulletproof, no matter what the game tells you...

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