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Xbox Games with Gold March 2021: Metal Slug 3, Warface: Breakout, and more

Warface: Breakout
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The Xbox Games with Gold March 2021 lineup is here, bringing in four new games you can claim for free as part of your Gold subscription (not to be confused with Xbox Game Pass).

The latest selection of Xbox Games with Gold opens up on March 1, when the online tactical shooting of Warface: Breakout will lead the pack along with Metal Slug 3's arcade action. Both games are playable on Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility, and they'll be joined later in the month by Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse and Port Royale 3.

Though Microsoft has raised the curtain on the next month of Xbox Games with Gold, you have until the end of February to claim most of the previous selection, and until March 15 to grab Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition. Find out more about all the Xbox Games with Gold for March below.

Xbox Games with Gold March 2021 

Warface: Breakout: March 1 - 31

The futuristic shooting action of Warface takes a tactical turn in Warface: Breakout, emphasizing team coordination and quick-on-the-draw gunplay. A special team deathmatch event running from March 8 to 22 will give you a chance to earn special rewards, so this will be the perfect time to drop in.

Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse: March 16 - April 15

It doesn't sound very fair to pit some llamas against a specially engineered walking attack drone, but what if there were a lot of llamas. VALA comes laden with tongue-in-cheek action, though there is a slider to turn down the puns if you just can't stand it all.

Metal Slug 3: March 1 to 15

SNK's beloved sidescrolling military-ish action game will take you back to the arcades. Battle giant robots and so, so many faceless grunts, embark on scrolling shoot-em-up missions and choose your own path through branching levels as you fight to put down General Morden's insurrection (or is it) once again.

Port Royale 3: March 16 to 31

Make a name for yourself as an adventurer or a trader in a virtual recreation of the 17th century Caribbean Sea. Guide more than a dozen historical ships into naval warfare, set up trade routes between islands to become the most powerful merchant this side of the Atlantic, and always keep an eye out for your competition.

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