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Marvel Comics 2023 releases
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It's now 2023, and with the new year comes a whole slate of new and continuing comics from Marvel featuring characters like the X-Men, Spider-Man, and the Avengers - along with many, many more - in their own ongoing titles.

But what's actually happening with Marvel and its most popular heroes right now? If you're looking to get your hands on some hot superhero action, we've got the rundown of what's going on with all of Marvel's ongoing superhero titles, broken down by franchise.


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Spidey's flagship title Amazing Spider-Man is in the midst of a crossover with the X-Men (more on them in a moment) titled Dark Web, in which the clone villains Goblin Queen and Chasm try to destroy Jean Grey and Peter Parker and steal their souls.

Meanwhile, in his adjectiveless second title Spider-Man, Peter Parker and other Spider-heroes are dealing with the apparent destruction of the so-called Spider-Verse

And speaking of Spider-Verse, there is of course a third Spidey comic, Miles Morales: Spider-Man, which just underwent a relaunch, meaning now is a perfect time to get in on the ground floor of Miles' ongoing series.

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In Venom's Spidey-adjacent world, the ongoing Venom title is caught up in a time-travel adventure featuring a new villain symbiote named Bedlam. And the current Carnage spin-off is dealing with the fallout of the Carnage symbiote's latest evolution. Both titles are about to be joined by Red Goblin in February, which stars Norman Osborn's grandson along with his very own symbiote.

All three of those titles, and perhaps more, are headed for a crossover event titled 'Summer of Symbiotes' later this year.


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The core X-Men team is currently in the middle of a crossover with Spider-Man, though the actual core X-Men title is actually wrapped up in a separate crossover with Captain Marvel's ongoing title (we'll mention her again later) where they're fighting the Alien Xenomorph-like Brood, with their Dark Web action mostly taking place in the Dark Web: X-Men limited series.

There are also several X-Men side teams with ongoing titles, including the paramilitary-style X-Force, who are about to fight an experimental villain known as the 'Omni-Mutant.' And there's the Krakoan navy, the Marauders, who are about to end a major arc with March's Marauders #12.

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Meanwhile, Wolverine has his own ongoing title in which he's about to face off with none other than Beast (who has become increasingly corrupt in recent years) in the story 'Weapons of X.' There's also the upcoming Betsy Braddock: Captain Britain ongoing title which will follow up on threads from the recently concluded Knights of X.

And there are three other X-Men titles, Immortal X-Men, X-Men Red, and Legion of X, which are about to be on hold for the 'Sins of Sinister' event, which replaces those titles with alt-universe versions of their concepts titled Immoral X-Men, Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants, and Nightcrawlers, respectively.


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Just like in the MCU, the Avengers are at the center of Marvel Comics, with a team of heroes who have their own titles, and a few spin-offs of teams.

Right off the bat, there's the core Avengers title and its spin-off Avengers Forever, both of which are embroiled in the 'Avengers Assemble' event story which will end current Avengers writer Jason Arron's run on the title before a relaunch of the core Avengers series later this year,

When it comes to the individual Avengers, there's Invincible Iron Man, Tony Stark's recently relaunched new title which will soon welcome Emma Frost of the X-Men as a supporting character ahead of a full X-Men crossover titled 'Fall of X' later this year.

As for Captain America, there's Steve Rogers' title Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty as well as Sam Wilson's title Captain America: Symbol of Truth, which are about to crossover in a story titled 'Cold War.'

For the third of the so-called 'Big Three' Avengers, there's Thor, who is about to take on Doctor Doom. 

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There's also Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel title, which is currently wrapped up in a Brood-centric crossover with the ongoing X-Men title. And there's Black Panther, in which T'Challa is currently absent from Wakanda, which is undergoing political upheaval.

And then there's Hulk, which is about to relaunch with a new creative team after April's Hulk #14, while his cousin She-Hulk is about to face off with a brand new villain in March ahead of April's milestone She-Hulk #175.

At the same time, Wanda Maximoff just launched her own ongoing Scarlet Witch title, in which she's dealing with a new, magic-resistant element. 

Finally, speaking of magic, Stephen Strange is soon returning after being dead for a while (that's comics for ya), with the current Strange title which features his ex-wife Clea as Sorcerer Supreme coming to an end to relaunch as Doctor Strange. And then there's the spin-off title Strange Academy: Finals which tells the story of Doctor Strange's school for magical youngsters.

The rest of the Marvel Universe

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Though each of Marvel's three big pillar franchises have many titles, it's not all just Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man on the shelves. There's a whole Marvel Universe of other characters with their own ongoing titles.

There's Fantastic Four, which recently relaunched and is wrapped up in a big mystery about a tragic event that forced the team out of New York and diminished their public opinion. 

And when it comes to other non-Avengers teams, there's Guardians of the Galaxy, which is about to relaunch in April with an ominous story titled 'Grootfall.'

Speaking of Marvel's cosmic wing, there's also Cosmic Ghost Rider, an alt-universe version of Frank Castle from the future who is about to get his own ongoing title. And there's also a good old-fashioned Ghost Rider title starring the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, though he's about to be joined by his successor Danny Ketch.

And then there's the core Marvel timeline's Frank Castle and his Punisher title, which is headed into a big crossover with Daredevil, in which Matt Murdock and Elektra are currently sharing the Daredevil name.

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On the topic of gun-toting Marvel vigilantes, there's also Deadpool, who is battling a version of the symbiote villain Carnage in his recently relaunched title. 

Meanwhile, recent MCU star Moon Knight is teaming up with Hunter's Moon, the other fist of Khonshu (who has two hands after all), to fight a villain with mind control powers.

That brings our list of Marvel Universe ongoing titles to a close. Marvel also publishes licensed titles based on Predator, Alien, and Star Wars, and will soon add Planet of the Apes to that list. And that's not mentioning the many, many limited series the publisher spins out of the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man franchises each month.

In other words, no matter what Marvel fans are after, Marvel Comics is sure to have something on tap for 2023 that will satisfy your superhero craving.

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