Doctor Strange is back from the dead and the Sorcerer Supreme again in a new ongoing title

Doctor Strange #1 cover art
Doctor Strange #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

After almost a year spent as the Harvestman, the Sorcerer Supreme of the realm of Death itself, Stephen Strange is finally coming back to the Marvel Universe and back into his title as Earth's Sorcerer Supreme in a new ongoing Doctor Strange title launching in March. 

Strange has been stuck in the realm of Death since he was killed by the villainous Kaecilius in the Death of Doctor Strange limited series, leading to a sequence of magical events in which a younger version of Strange is pulled forward in the timestream to solve his own murder.

When the dust cleared, Strange was dead, and his ex-wife Clea took his place as Sorcerer Supreme of Earth in her own ongoing series titled simply Strange.

Doctor Strange #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Now, in March, Stephen Strange will be back in his own Doctor Strange title from writer Jed MacKay, who wrote Death of Doctor Strange and the subsequent Strange title. For the relaunched Doctor Strange, MacKay is joined by artist Pasqual Ferry.

As for the story of the new title, it's "back to business as usual for the Sorcerer Supreme" as Doctor Strange works on solving minor magical problems for the people in his neighborhood - at least, until someone starts taking down Strange's old foes, leading to an "interdimensional journey."

"After Death of Doctor Strange, after Strange, we open the next act in our ongoing saga of the Sorcerer Supreme in Doctor Strange #1!" MacKay states in the announcement.

"It's been really exciting to have the opportunity to not only continue exploring the magical side of the Marvel Universe with the inhabitants of 177A Bleecker Street, but to follow the lives of the Stranges as the last year and a half has put them through the wringer. Pasqual has been putting together a truly magical book, and I'm super psyched to show people what's in store for Stephen and Clea Strange- and of course, we won't be giving them any time off after recent events…"

Doctor Strange #1 goes on sale March 22 with a cover from Alex Ross, seen here.

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