Summer of Symbiotes expands on Venom and Carnage's corner of the Marvel Universe in 2023

Summer of Symbiotes logo
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"Suns out, tongues out!"

That's the remarkably silly catchphrase for Marvel's just-announced summer 2023 event story 'Summer of Symbiotes,' revealed at the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con 2022.

Summer of Symbiotes was revealed alongside the ominously titled upcoming new X-Men editorial era 'Fall of X' as part of a map laying out all of Marvel's 2023 events through summer of next year, starting with the already announced stories Avengers Assemble in November, Dark Web in December, January's Sins of Sinister (which got its own big unveiling at NYCC 2022),  and spring 2023's Captain America: Cold War (which includes a new character design for Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier).

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Summer of Symbiotes lands - where else - in summer 2023, and apparently involves an expansion of titles and stories set in the ever-growing symbiote corner of the Marvel Universe.

"Spinning out of titles like Venom, Carnage, and Red Goblin comes a slew of new symbiotic stories," reads Marvel's announcement. "Get ready for the return of old faces, the debut of new symbiote heroes, and exciting shifts for iconic symbiote stars. It’s a season of symbiote insanity!"

Marvel's symbiotes are, as many well know, mostly spun off from Spider-Man's longtime frenemy Venom, who wears the black symbiote costume that he acquired in the 1985 story Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars after his usual red and blue attire was destroyed in battle.

Since then, there have been numerous spin-offs and expansions of the symbiote mythology, with the most popular symbiote aside from Venom arguably being the bloodthirsty villain Carnage.

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