Winter Soldier's new look debuts ahead of Captain America: Cold War

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Update: Marvel's New York Comic Con 2022 Captain America panel has revealed some more art and a bit of info related to the publisher's upcoming April 2023 Captain America: Cold War crossover, which brings together Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers (along with both of their respective titles) for a story that seems to hinge on the recent apparent heel turn of Bucky Barnes.

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Along with a variant cover for the previously announced Captain America and Winter Soldier Special one-shot by Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty artist Carmen Carnero, the publisher also revealed Carnero's new design for the Winter Soldier.

Marvel also debuted some promotional art for the crossover by artist Daniel Acuña, which reveals the 'Cold War' crossover's start date as April 2023, as well as a variant cover for Captain America: Symbol of Truth #10 by Mateus Manhanini.

Read on for everything else we know about 'Cold War' and what it entails, and stay tuned to Newsarama for more news coming out of NYCC 2022.

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Currently, in Steve Rogers' title Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, Steve is chasing down a mysterious group known as the Outer Circle. And over in Sam Wilson's title, Captain America: Symbol of Truth, the alternate reality known as Dimension Z, a personal pocket dimension run by Cap's old enemy Arnim Zola, is spilling over into the main Marvel Universe. 

All of these threads will start coming together in January, first in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8, in which Steve Rogers seeks help from Emma Frost to deal with a new Outer Circle assassin known as MODOC - Mental Organism Designed Only for Control - as the evil scientists of AIM get involved. And the crossover heats up in Captain America: Symbol of Truth #9 where Sam Wilson's ally Nomad must confront his past with Dimension Z.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Look for more information about 'Cold War' and the lead-up to it below.

Original story follows...

The two Captain Americas - Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson - are about to be embroiled in a 'Cold War.' No, not the tense, decades-long real-world ideological conflict between the United States and USSR, but a mysterious 2023 Captain America comic event that ties into the unfolding secret history of Steve Rogers' original Captain America shield.

Currently, both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson are each operating as Captain America with their own shields and their own separate titles. Now, both Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (Steve's title) and Captain America: Symbol of Truth (Sam's title) will come together for 'Cold War.' 

Marvel Comics announced 'Cold War' with the release of promotional art by Paco Medina, seen above and below, which will appear as a pair of interconnecting variant covers for both titles in October.

"The secret origin of Steve’s shield, the revenge of White Wolf and Crossbones, and the return of Nomad—but which one? All roads lead to Cold War," teases Marvel's announcement.

Medina's art shows off both Steve and Sam, naturally, along with Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, and Joaquin Torres/the Falcon (who inherited the mantle from Sam Wilson). It also appears to bring in elements of Dimension Z, the alternate dimension created by Arnim Zola in which Steve was once trapped, and of course the aforementioned villains White Wolf and Crossbones. 

Captain America: Cold War promo art by Paco Medina (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Steve and Sam once shared the mantle of Captain America before, though at the time Steve Rogers had secretly been subverted and his reality altered by the Red Skull, resulting in the story Secret Empire where the evil Steve betrayed the Avengers and tried to conquer the world before the original Steve Rogers returned.

'Cold War' will kick off in spring 2023.

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