Avengers Assemble Alpha starts bringing together every Avenger ever in new preview

Writer Jason Aaron's Avengers run is heading toward its conclusion with a massive final story titled 'Avengers Assemble,' which consists of a crossover between the core Avengers title and its Multiversal spin-off Avengers Forever.

Check out the trailer above and new Avengers Assemble '70s connecting variant covers by Phil Jimenez below, along with a new preview of interior pages.

Since his run began on the core Avengers titles and its spin-offs in 2018, Aaron has spoken of a multi-year roadmap for Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and now that roadmap is speeding toward its final destination in 'Avengers Assemble,' which kicks off with a one-shot titled Avengers Assemble Alpha.

Avengers Assemble Alpha, drawn by Bryan Hitch, is billed as the start of the "epic saga that forms the capstone to Jason Aaron's era on Avengers." 

The one-shot will bring together the mainstream Marvel Universe Avengers, the Multiversal Avengers Forever spin-off team, and the prehistoric Avengers 1,000,000 BC team that features ancient versions of some well-known Marvel legacies.

Here's a preview of pages from Avengers Assemble Alpha, including some hot fresh, fully-lettered pages:

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Called "the biggest Avengers saga in Marvel history," the story started by Avengers Assemble Alpha features a team of the "Mightiest Heroes of All the Earths" taking on an unnamed threat who are equally billed as the "greatest villains who've ever lived" and an "army of unprecedented evil."

Avengers Assemble Alpha goes on sale in November 30 with a cover from interior artist Bryan Hitch.

The story then continues in December 7's Avengers #63 in 'Avengers Assemble' chapter 2 with art by Javier Garrón that features the present-day Avengers teaming up with the 1,000,000BC Avengers.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

That's followed by chapter 3 in December 21's Avengers Forever #12 with art by Aaron Kuder, in which the "greatest Avengers army ever assembled" takes on the forces of Mephisto, the story's big villain.

The story concludes in January 4's Avengers #64 with art by Garrón and then January 18's part 5 in Avengers Forever #13 with art by Aaron Kuder.

The storyline will also feature Avengers Assemble Decades connecting variant covers, including these '70s connecting variants to Avengers #63 and Avengers Forever #12 by Phil Jimenez.

Avengers Assemble Phil Jimenez '70s connecting variant covers

Avengers Assemble Phil Jimenez '70s connecting variant covers (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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