War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Mission 5: Alpine Hideout

With the death of the Chancellor, Germany has erupted into all-out civil war. Slowly the Resistance has beaten back the Nazi forces, until now all that remain have fled to an Alpine redoubt for a last stand. Rooting them out would be a routine task, save for one little problem: the Nazi scientists have completed work on the V-1 flying bomb. Building up a military infrastructure strong enough to penetrate the sprawling defenses of the mountain base is difficult enough, and the Nazis ability to deliver unexpected devastation makes it even more daunting.

Primary Objectives

  • Defeat the Nazi Base
  • Disable the V1 Launch Pad

Secondary Objectives

  • Clear Eastern Passage so Soviets can advance
  • Find and Secure the Nazi Hideouts

Secret Objectives

  • Destroy the NE and NW Auxiliary Facilities

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Use air power to aid the Russians
  • Immediately Send Core Units west
  • Sagnier can destroy first V1 site
  • Paratroops can find Nazi hideouts and auxiliary bases
  • Build second, third, and even fourth bases as you advance