War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

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Allied Mission 1: Liberation of London

When John Lynch finally makes it to London for the final push against the Germans, the Nazis are already on the run. There isn’t a lot of resistance facing you, so this mission is the perfect opportunity to test Lynch’s skills, explore combat tactics, and learn basic base-building techniques.

Primary Objectives

  • Reach the Allied Base
  • Build a Tank Battalion
  • Liberate London

Secondary Objectives

  • Repair the Sherman Battalion
  • Meet the British Resistance

Secret Objectives

  • Destroy All German Buildings

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • You can assault the German base before you arrive at the British base, but save your game before doing so
  • Protect the Shermans and Calliope Shermans at all costs
  • Designate either two Shermans or a Sherman and a Calliope Sherman as your Core Units before the battle is over