War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 10: Point of No Return

At last it’s on: the push to Moscow, and the end to the bloodbath in which Stalin has embroiled all the world’s mightiest armies. The Allied High Command has devised a double-thrust attack in which the Germans, led by Roland Hellmann, will strike a Southern Soviet base while Lynch moves directly east to smash the Northern Soviet stronghold. But the attack might have come too late: as Anna predicted, the Soviets have completed their research on the Ice Bomb and who knows what other weapons of mass destruction.

It’s a lesson you learn all too quickly as the mission opens and you see your tiny base blanketed in a thick sheet of ice from a Winter’s Breath bomber — the code name for the modified Soviet Tupolevs that carry the devastating Ice Bomb. All that survives is a Supply Stash and a couple of Anti-Tank Turrets and Anti-Aircraft guns. You’ve definitely got your work cut out for you on this mission!

Primary Objectives

  • Defeat the Northern Soviet Base
  • Destroy the Ice Bomber Airfields
  • Defend the Radio Station
  • Repair the Radio Station

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy the Moving Giant Turret Factories

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Use Pillboxes and Halftracks to guard against Partisan attacks at primary base
  • Capture the War Factory to the east for cheap Katyusha production
  • Push on east to destroy Winter%26rsquo;s Breath Airfields
  • Use Force Shield Generators to protect Radio Station and its defenders