War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 4: The Chancellor

With Hardt’s agreement to help the Allies “remove” the Nazi Chancellor from office — i.e., kill him — you’ve gained the support of the forces of the German Resistance. The plan: encircle the Chancellor as he meets with his Generals in a small town in France. Lynch and Anna will take command of paratroopers dropped near the town. But unexpected German Anti-Aircraft fire has brought down all but two of the planes, leaving you with a much smaller force than you expected.

Primary Objectives

  • Meet Sagnier
  • Capture the Chancellor

Secondary Objectives

  • Destroy the Radar Facility
  • Capture Some Vehicles
  • Help to Destroy the Nazi Base

Secret Objectives

  • Don%26rsquo;t lose any troops before you meet Sagnier

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Leave Paratroopers in safe location as Lynch and Anna find Sagnier
  • Use Sagnier%26rsquo;s Bomb Skill to quickly destroy the Radar Facility
  • Capture Wurfrahmen are excellent against perimeter defensive bunkers