War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 11: Battle of Moscow

John Lynch didn’t need encouragement to obliterate the tyranny of Stalinist rule in Russia, but Nadia’s cowardly assassination added even more fuel to the fires of revenge burning inside him. Now he and Hellmann are perched at the outskirts of Moscow, where the Allies have split their army into two groups: the Germans commanded by Hellmann in the North, and the British and Americans helmed by Lynch in the south. All signs indicate the final push to the Kremlin should pose few problems — but looks can be deceiving.

Primary Objectives

  • Secure the Kremlin

Secondary Objectives

  • Block Enemy Reinforcements
  • Get Aerial Superiority

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Order Core Units to move SE to destroy bunker
  • Follow them with Engineer to build blocking Pillbox and a Weapon Factory
  • Destroy SE Soviet Base and build secondary base
  • Use Turrets to protect eastern flank of primary base
  • Destroy Soviet Airfields north of primary base and use the area for 8-10 airports
  • Employ systematic heavy bombing