War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

About this time the USS Gato, a submarine, will radio in that they’ve got reinforcements to deliver if you can take out the coastal Bunkers. There are really only five of these, but they’re flanked on either side by AT Bunkers that can be a pain in the neck for your operations. Use Sagnier to demolish the AT Bunker as the Rangers go about destroying an Anti-Aircraft Bunker. Even though the AA Bunker poses no real threat, this action will give them experience that might make them more valuable later in the mission! While Sagnier can blow up the coastal Bunkers in one fell swoop, Lynch’s grenade launcher is more than up to the task of bringing one down, too. Once the coastal Bunkers (and the flanking AT Bunkers) are gone, your task force will be augmented with two squads. (Keep in mind you don’t have to stop your other tasks as you destroy these Bunkers.)

At this point, Lynch and Sagnier basically become errand boys, heading to the indicated spots on the map and retrieving scientists and ferrying them back to the safe house (though you can pile more than one in truck before making the trek back to the shed). After picking up the first one at the entrance to the base, you learn there are also six assistants that need to be rescued as well. The procedure’s the same regardless of whether you’re rescuing a scientists or assistant: take the APC to the marked location, have Lynch get out and talk to the egghead, then put them in the APC and take them to the safe house. But make sure you talk to Hadley (“H” on our map) last: his rescue automatically sounds the alarm regardless of whether any Soviets spotted you.

As you rescue the scientists and assistants, it’s a good idea to keep a few of the Rangers or reinforcements accompanying Lynch and the truck just in case a Soviet patrol wanders by. Remember: you cannot let any Soviet that’s seen you escape to sound the alarm! And keep an eye out for any MG or AT Bunkers inside the base — their fire doesn’t cause the alarm to sound, but they can cost you valuable soldiers. Sagnier or Lynch can easily takes these threats out, however. One other thing: capture any enemy vehicles you see! It doesn’t deplete the number of soldiers (i.e., a captured vehicle doesn’t require any of your men to crew it), and even if they can’t fire on Russian armor or soldiers, they can still divert fire from your men. A good example of this is a partly damaged Ice Spitter in the northeastern area of the map.