War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 2: A Red Enigma

With the Germans ousted from London, a celebration would seem to be in order — but that would be foolish considering that kicking the Krauts out of England’s capital is only the first step of many toward total and complete victory. Knowing how rabid the Germans are to acquire new weapon technology, General Wells has devised a plan to lure them into an ambush. The bait? New radar equipment that would be invaluable to the Nazi war effort if they could capture it.

But there’s not much chance Lynch is going to let that happen.

Primary Objectives

  • Build up the trap by producing 5 combat units (or by receiving them as reinforcements)
  • Find and destroy the Nazi base in the northeast
  • Locate the secret base on a plateau to the south
  • Secondary Objectives
  • Create a pontoon bridge at the northwest ford
  • Secure the 4 Guard Posts

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Construct the Pontoon Bridge as soon as possible to receive immediate reinforcements
  • Build up a defensive line east of your base early in the mission
  • Select Core Units before battle ends