War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

When your army has been augmented with the reinforcements crossing over the pontoon bridge you’ve built, it’s time to secure the guard post to the north — but first use your HQ building to construct a few Bedford Repair trucks to take with you. The Nazis' anti-tank gun deals out major punishment, and there's no sense in losing units when all that would have saved them was a Repair Truck in the vicinity. The Pershings are best-suited for this, along with the Priests. When they’ve finished the task, team them up with a few extra Priests and perhaps a Matilda or two and repeat the process at the western and southern outposts.

Now it's time to find out what's happened to the fourth and final outpost — but the Nazis at the base to the northeast won't let you stroll in unescorted! Be ready for heavy Wurfrahmen attacks as you move. A good tactic is to place the Shermans and Pershings in the front rank, back them with several Bedford Repair trucks, followed by Priests in the rear and any Matildas on the flanks. The biggest threat will two AT88 Bunkers: focus on destroying them as soon as possible. Consider using the fast Matildas to draw the attention of the AT88 Bunkers as the Priests drop shells on them from a distance. With the Bunkers down, destroy everything except the Command Center and the Tank Factory: you can capture it and use it to produce Wurfrahmen, superior in range to your Calliope Sherman.