War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

Allied Mission 8: Secrets of Ice

After the full-bore firepower and pedal-to-the-metal action of the battle at the Oder River, Lynch needs a little rest—but he won’t find it in the snowy streets of Archangelsk. He and Sagnier have been sent to recover a group of scientists believed to have been abducted by the Soviets and, if possible, to find out what motivated the Commies to snatch the in the first place.

Primary Objectives

  • Find the Kidnapped Scientists
  • Escort the Scientists to the Safe Point

Secondary Objectives

  • Avoid the Alarm
  • Capture the APCs
  • Destroy the Northern Bunkers
  • Find the Assistants

Bonus Objectives

  • Investigate the Strange Death
  • Save the Assistants

Key Tactics and Battle Tips

  • Rangers and Wells%26rsquo; agent can pick off observers in valley
  • Rush past second guard post to eliminate Nazis who flee to sound the alarm
  • Capture all possible vehicles, even if non-combat
  • Eliminate all AT Turrets along coat before destroying last Coastal Bunker
  • Gather all troops outside Hadley%26rsquo;s location before rescuing him