War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

So why capture the Soviet Supply Center when you could just destroy it? Two reasons: Katyushas and Molotov Infantry. The Katyushas are not only quickly produced, but also have an incredibly long range; Molotov Infantry are the most powerful anti-tank personnel in the game. Expect the Russians to counterattack heavily from the west to reclaim or destroy this base, but you should be able to hold onto it fairly easily and produce several Resource Collectors and then some Combat Engineers. These should first build an Aggregator, then a War Factory, and lastly a Barracks (feel free to upgrade this “pseudo-Soviet” base and build even more advanced units if you wish!).

As this is going on, you’ll learn two important pieces of information: you’ve received reports of a strange prison camp you must investigated, and radio chatter reveals the Soviets are aiming their howitzers at you. A countdown clock will start clicking before the Soviets escape with their prisoners, but even at this early point in the game you really have nothing to worry about. Your captured base is very close to the prison camp, and your Core Units and Heroes will have plenty of time to raise more hell before they need to turn back to the northeast and arrive at the camp.

From your “Commie Camp,” take your Core Units, Heroes, and some MG Infantry in a northwesterly direction to find another Oil Rig that can be captured. Because you’ve robbed the Russkies of a primary source of resources, resistance is likely to be thin as you roll forward: you should be able to capture buildings pretty much at will. Near the main Soviet Supply Center almost in the middle of the map you’ll find a Radio Station—it’s one of the targets you need to destroy to stop the howitzer fire and partisan attacks. Do some mopping up work here and to the southwest, concentrating on destroying any AA Bunkers or Zsu 37s you see so you can use Call-In Aphrodites to destroy the Defensive Bunker at the western edge of the map.

Investigating the prison camp is also relatively easy once you seize the Soviet Supply Center as we suggested, thanks to its central location. It’s a short distance from the prison camp, and you can send Katyushas, T-70 tanks, and Molotov Infantry to deal with its defenders while your Heroes work their way to the camp after smashing the middle Soviet base. You will, however, need to have either Red Army or MG Infantry present at the base once the defenders have been eliminated in order to capture it and free the scientist. To bring him back to your primary base, use a Helicopter or capture the Zis 42 at the camp—but make sure he gets back alive.