War Front strategy guide - Allied campaign

With this main outpost weakened, advance and mop up the survivors with Anna’s armored formation before turning south down the road to find another Russian base—seemingly small, but obviously important to the Soviet strategy. Destroy the Supply Center and accompanying buildings here, then have an Engineer build several AT Turrets to prevent the Russians from rebuilding. You’ll also want an Engineer to build a forward base north of that big Russian outpost—a Barracks and a Weapons Factory, and perhaps some defensive fortifications. This allows you to reinforce your front-line forces more rapidly. In fact, in this mission you’ll probably want to build AT Turrets wherever you can, because your Army Limit is just 120—very small for the job you have to do.

To capture the Airfield HQ, use the Drop Paratroopers command and place the troops to the east of the Airfield. You should do at least two drops, because the base defenders are sure to kill some of them as they stop to capture the HQ. You can use Lightnings to protect them as they do this, but take heed: control them carefully to guarantee they don’t destroy the Aggregators here! Without them you’ll have a power shortage, which not only affects the Defensive Bunkers but also your own Pillboxes, AT Turrets, and AA Guns. At the base, simply follow the instructions you’re given. Capturing the Airfield HQ will provide you with the firepower of its defensive bunkers, and the mines the Soviets laid beside the roads mean the Russians that attack from the north and south will have to come down a narrow path.