Uplink Station Warzone location map - where to find Warzone satellite uplinks

warzone uplink satellite ground fall
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Uplink Station Warzone locations let you call in a satellite as part of the Ground Fall event and, if you're lucky, get a Armored Cargo Truck as well as a Loadout Drop, and HARP UAV. However, the Uplink Station Warzone locations are tricky - they're random spawns but are tied to fixed locations. So the Uplink station in Farmland, say, will always way be in the same place if it spawns that match. Similarly the satellites you can call in will also drop in fixed places. 

So, if you reach a Warzone Uplink Station location, get lucky with the spawn, and survive long enough in Call of Duty Warzone to claim the satellite when it lands and you could be in a great spot for the rest of the match. Especially if you can grab the  Armored Cargo Truck. 

While the nature of the random spawns makes it tricky to find an Uplink Station by chance this reddit post (opens in new tab) has done a great job of collating all the Warzone uplink station locations that have been discovered. Remember, there's no guarantee you find one, but at least you can make life easier by narrowing down the search areas.  

Warzone Uplink Station location map

(Image credit: Activision)
  1. Summit - There are two reported Warzone Uplink Station locations: one is close to the edge of the map near small house.
  2. Staduim - There's an uplink station near where the truck spawns on the north west side of Staduim.
  3. Train Station - An uplink Station can spawn in the car park.
  4. Downtown - You can sometimes find a Warzone Uplink Station near the roundabout close to Stadium
  5. Farmland - check the field near Lumber for the chance of an Uplink Station spawn.
  6. Superstore - A Warzone Uplink Station can appear on the roof.
  7. Port - Look around the cranes and the area near the buy station on the east side of the area. 
  8. Hills - A station can appear near the roundabout. 
  9. Military Base - Check north of the east radio tower.
  10. Storage Town - An Uplink Station might appear in the western open area.
  11. Airport - Go to the firestation and look around the helipad.
  12. House South east of Summit
  13. West of Salt Mine.
  14. Buildings East of Salt Mine.

If you're lucky enough to find a Warzone Uplink Station you'll have to interact with it, bring down the satellite and wait for it to drop the loot. So be ready for a fight in case anyone else nearby decides to try and steal the results of all your heard work. 

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