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Valheim speedrunner defeats all bosses in under 90 minutes

Valheim Yagluth
(Image credit: Iron Gate AB)

One Valheim player has managed to slay every boss in under 90 minutes.

As spotted by PC Gamer (opens in new tab) , one Valheim player has managed to slay all five in-game bosses in less than an hour and a half. You can check their feat out in the video below, but there's major caveats to this speedrunning feat, as it's basically running a 'new game plus' set up that the game's community has agreed on.

As you might know, Valheim doesn't have a new game plus mode. This means players have had to get creative, and have ultimately agreed on one setting for a new game plus speedrun: the world setting is always random, but players aren't starting over with a fresh character from scratch.

Characters' skills carry over to this new game plus run, as well as all items accumulated in the previous playthrough. Once the player loads into the random world with their existing character, it's a race against the clock to find all five randomly-placed bosses as quickly as possible, and strike them down for the speedrunning crown.

For the uninitiated, several Valheim bosses require summoning through extremely precise conditions. For example the Elder boss requires you to either collect Runestones to summon the boss, or apply a World Seed to bring them to your location. Either way, it's a task that can undoubtedly throw the best-laid speedrunning plans completely out of whack.

Just last week, Valheim developer Iron Gate introduced a brand new patch for the game, changing the amount of Stone required to raise ground with the hoe. While this has no bearing over the speedrunning we're taking a look at here, it does change the way players can build, and how quickly they can do it, at that.

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