The best Nintendo Switch bundles in the UK 2019

best Nintendo Switch bundle UK

If Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield finally tipped you over the edge into wanting a Switch, don’t feel bad for giving in - not even the strongest of wills could resist Sobble (we have it on good authority that this is a scientific fact). Our team of Pokemon Master wannabes have hunted down the best Nintendo Switch bundles to get you going, and you can find all these below.

Best deal today

Nintendo Switch (Blue/Red) + Rayman Legends is £279.99 from Amazon (save £17)
Now this is a very tasty deal indeed, and much cheaper than normal.

It’s a good time to get on board, honestly; the Switch has built up two years’ worth of exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey and Pokemon Let’s Go, a wealth of excellent third-party ports, old school classics through the eStore, and improved re-imaginings of Wii U games such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Time has also been kind to the console’s flexible, portable design that allows you to play as easily on a crowded train as a HD TV in your living room. The only downside? The fact that it stubbornly holds its price - you’ll be lucky if you can find one for less than $300. That’s where we come in. These are the best Nintendo Switch bundles we could find, and they’ll save you as much cash as possible.

Once you’ve decided which bundle you fancy, grab some extras via our Nintendo Switch accessories page or this list of cheap Nintendo game deals.


Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) + Rayman Legends is £279.99 from Amazon (save £17)
Don't be put off by Rayman Legends being an older game - it's truly excellent and well worth playing.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) + Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy is £279 from (save £20)
This bundle basically gives you Crash's original, remastered adventures for free.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is £289 from eBay
Get the Switch and one of its top games for only £10 more than you'd pay for the console itself.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (either colour) + Super Mario Odyssey is £299.99 on Amazon (save £18)
This is a rare deal - one of the Switch's best games and the console for less than £300.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) + FIFA 19 is £299 from (save £20)
Another good deal from, particularly for the football fans among you.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (either colour) + The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is £309.99 on Amazon (save £10)
Breath of the Wild is possibly one of the best games this generation, so getting it for less with the console is a bargain.View Deal

Console only

best Nintendo Switch bundles UK

Haven't seen any bundles that grab your attention? There's always the option of buying the Nintendo Switch by itself and adding on any games or accessories you want later. Fortunately enough, we've rounded up the best offers for you here so you don't have to (we're nice like that).

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