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Tangled trailer debuts online


Tangled , the new animated comedy from Disney, has debuted online.

Prompting feelings of “Um, didn’t we already do this with Shrek ?”, the rather knotted story updates the Rapunzel fairytale as a prince attempts to save the stranded princess from incarceration atop a teetering tower.

Really, the trailer’s further proof that – sigh – even if Pixar's John Lasseter is on board as producer, the Mouse House are still struggling to keep up with the CG revolution.

The trailer basically flogs the same gag to death (the prince gets beaten up by a grrl powered Rapunzel! over! and over!), then shoves an uber-dated Pink track down our throats for good measure.

Still, if you’re interested, check out the trailer below…

Tangled opens in cinemas in 3D on 24 November.

Fancy tangoing with Tangled ?

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