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Steam Holiday Sale begins today

They say only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and weeks of budget-crushing Steam sales every holiday season. Steam has just kicked off its Holiday Sale, lasting from today until January 5, with the usual lineup of daily deals, publisher packs, and flash sales.

The first day of sales includes deals of 50 to 75 percent off the Borderlands, Hitman, and Prince of Persia franchises, as well as Mirror's Edge for $5. Current flash sales include Batman: Arkham City for $7.50, Natural Selection II for $10, and War of the Roses for $15.

Steam is making the holidays brighter for Linux gamers as well, with its Linux client entering open beta along with 36 compatible games. Current Tux-friendly titles include Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Killing Floor, and Team Fortress 2.

Speaking of Team Fortress 2, the colorful cast of mercenaries will enjoy some seasonal festivities with a new Mann vs. Machine map and the deadly mecha-engineer class.

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