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Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Stone evolutions

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If you’re cold as ice and your party reflects that lifestyle, it might be worth finding the Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Stone. The Ice Stone is an evolutionary item that helps to upgrade specific Ice-type Pokemon in Sword and Shield and morph them into fancy, powerful new creatures. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to find an Ice Stone, the available Pokemon it can be used with and how to apply it to them once you’ve found one.

How to find the Ice Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

(Image credit: Nintendo)

If you’d like to lead a party full of Ice kings and queens, the easiest way to grab one is to travel to the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area, where you’ll see a body of water with a grassy knoll out of reach and a Watt Trader standing on one side. Once you get the Rotom Bike on Route 9 you can cross over to the other side, where you’ll find stones under each of the stone circle bases. Hopefully, one of them is the Ice Stone you desire, but if not, they do respawn eventually!

Otherwise, you can grab one on Route 9 soon after you get your bike upgrade. From the NPC that gives you the bike, drive up through the water and into the opening in the ice to find it in a very convenient and thematically natural location!

You could also speak to the Digging Duo in the Bridge Field zone of the Wild Area, who will excavate a wall full of stones for you if you grease their palms with some Watts. It is randomized as per what you receive, though!

How to use the Ice Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once you’ve nabbed the Ice Stone opens up your trusty bag and shift to the ‘Other Items’ section to use it on one of the Pokemon listed below. Make sure you don’t make the ‘mon hold it by mistake, as this won’t reap any evolutionary rewards.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Ice Stone evolutions

Eevee evolves into Glaceon
Galarian Darumaka evolves into Galarian Darmanitan

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