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Pokemon Go Field Research: October research tasks and rewards

Pokemon Go field research tasks are one of the things that keep players returning every single day to the game, because when you reach the end of the week, you can get some much needed rewards for those looking to complete their Pokedex. The Pokemon Go field research changes every other month and now that we're in October, we've got the full list of tasks available in Pokemon Go, including what all of the rewards are. 

How Pokemon Go Field Research works

If you're new to the world of Pokemon Go, Field Research is essentially a quest that you can obtain. The tasks you're set can range from things like "Catch 10 Pokemon" - which is clearly very easy - to "Make 3 Excellent throws in a row", which is much more difficult. The rewards you earn vary from one task to another, and we have the complete list here.

To obtain Field Research in Pokemon Go, you simply have to spin a Poke Stop. You can hold up to three Field Research tasks at any one time, and to earn the Research Breakthrough, you need to complete seven Field Research tasks. You can only progress through the Research Breakthrough once per day though, so to maximise your efforts, you should only be redeeming the reward for one Field Research task per day.

Pokemon Go Field Research list & rewards - October 2019

Here are all of the Pokemon Go Field Research tasks and the rewards for October 2019, courtesy of

Pokemon Go October field research

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Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough Pokemon - October 2019

In a controversial decision that hasn't had the best of receptions, the only research breakthrough Pokemon until the end of October is... Eevee. Flower crown Eevee to be precise, but it's somewhat disappointing given the number of legendaries available in the past. This ends on November 1, however you can also get an Unova Stone which makes it all worth it.

Now go and catch 'em all, trainer!

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