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Pokemon Go cheats: Every cheat available to those who want an unfair advantage

Pokemon Go cheats

When it comes to Pokemon Go cheats then there's two things to know: Firstly it's a hollow experience to win via dodgy means. And secondly you are really risking losing you account and anything you've gained honestly or other wise. 

There are options though for Pokemon Go cheats, which for the sake of education we can run through. Just remember, and I cannot explain this clearly enough, you run the risk of losing everything if your Pokemon Go account is linked to cheating. 

So if you want to know more about things like spoofing, botting, Auto-IV checkers and more read on. But, once again, we do not recommend using any of these cheats because there is a strong risk you'll be banned and it's unfair for the millions of legitimate players around the world.

Pokemon Go cheats: Spoofing

Pokemon Go cheats - Spoofing

Spoofing in Pokemon Go is making the game think you're in a different location to where you actually are. Since Pokemon Go is based on your real world position, you can spoof your location to move wherever you want and catch rare Pokemon, even if they've spawned thousands of miles away. Niantic have started to crack down on this, so do it at your own peril; we wouldn't recommend it!

Pokemon Go cheats: Botting

Botting is like spoofing but even worse, because it's essentially automatic spoofing. You don't get to choose which Pokemon the bot account catches, instead it will just roam around catching rare and powerful Pokemon all over the world. This is for the laziest players out there, and just like spoofing, you stand a very high chance of being banned if you do this. If you're still tempted, make a spare account and give it a go!

Pokemon Go cheats: Auto-IV checkers

Pokemon Go cheats - Auto-IV checkers

The combat power of any Pokemon in Pokemon Go is dependent on their IV, which stands for Individual Values. A 100% IV Pokemon is the best possible, but there's no way of checking the exact IV without a third party program - all you can do is appraise your Pokemon through your team leader, which gives a vague answer at best. Manual IV checkers aren't banned, but they require you to check each and every single Pokemon you catch with a screenshot. Instead, some players opt to use automatic IV checkers but unfortunately, these are banned because they link directly to your account. It can save a lot of time, but is it worth it when you risk your account being banned?

Pokemon Go cheats: Multi-accounting

This isn't technically cheating because it doesn't directly connect to the game, but Niantic still forbid it. Multi-accounting is as you'd expect; having multiple accounts on the go at once. Some will use accounts on different teams to clear gyms before quickly logging into their main accounts and filling the gyms up, while others will access the accounts of friends and family at the same time to fill up new gyms. Either way, it's banned, but not quite as harmful as some other cheats and exploits.

Pokemon Go cheats: Account sharing

Pokemon Go cheats - account sharing

Just as you're not allowed to have multiple accounts on the go at once, you also can't share your account with other people so they can catch Pokemon in different places. This is hard for Niantic to detect as long as you don't use the account simultaneously and give it enough time before logging in when there's a long distance between the previous person, but make sure you're careful when doing it. Sometimes you've got a pal out in a different region and you just need that Relicanth or Corsola...

These are the main cheats and exploits available in Pokemon Go, but there's also plenty of tips and tricks you can use that are well within the rules. Follow any of the links below to get started!

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