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Fortnite jetpacks: how to find the new Backpack item and how they work

Fortnite's jetpacks are finally here and they are every bit as much fun as you might hope. As long as you don’t mind the risk of breaking your knees and having the must have accessory for Season 4 that everyone will want to kill you for. Well, kill you more than usual, anyway. 

How to find a Fortnite Jetpack

There’s no easy answer here. You’ll find the Fortnite jetpacks in Treasure Chests so your best chance of scoring one is just to keep hitting those chests and praying to whatever gods look over back-mounted rocket propulsion. It’s a gold/legendary level piece of gear so you’re looking at around 5-8% drop rate - around the level of a SCAR or a Chug Jug. Not impossible to find, but we’ve easily hoovered up ten plus chests in a match without a fuel tank in sight. If you do find one, press square to pick it up and it’s yours. It'll take a slot up in your inventory, so think carefully about what to replace if you have to drop something. 

How the Fortnite Jetpack works

Getting airborne with the Fortnite jetpack is as simple as double jumping and then holding X to keep those jets burning. You don't even need to equip it, it’s just passively active once you have one. With X held down you can then move around normally, as if you were on the ground, just higher up, while pressing X to gain height and letting go to drop. While flying with the jetpack you can still shoot, meaning you can take to the air to attack from above and use it to quickly get an advantage against towers and port-a-forts. 

When you are up in the air there are two fuel meters to watch. On the back of the thrusters you’ll see a burn meter that limits how much you can fire the jets in one go - usually for about four to five seconds. When that’s run out the jetpack will shut down until they recharge. Now be careful here because you can easily fly high enough that the fall will kill you, so unless you’re aiming for a higher level or really hate your legs and spine, you might want to keep an eye on your altitude. Difficult I know when John Wick’s bearing down on you with a shotgun but it’s really hard to fly when you’re dead. Just saying. 

The other meter appears next to the Fortnite jetpack in your inventory and shows the overall fuel available. This doesn’t recharge though and when it’s gone the jetpack will break up and fall off your back, leaving you grounded. The jetpack is an inventory item though and if you, or someone else, dies, while they still have one it’ll drop like anything else. So if you can hold your ground and someone out of the sky, you might get a new toy. 

The Fortnite jetpack is a new kind of item called a Backpack

What’s interesting about the Fortnite jetpack is that’s it’s an entirely new kind of item, a Backpack. As we said it takes up an inventory slot, but can also be moved around in your gear like any weapon or consumable.  Backpacks will also take the place of your your back bling until they are used up and destroyed

The jetpack is only first backpack item Epic are planning on introducing, as the patch notes say you can only equip one at a time, with the newer choices replacing the last. We do know about one other, an Eye of the Storm Backpack item accidentally added early to the game, which tracks the storm's path. That's since been removed as it's reportedly 'not ready,' but it looks like Backpacks are here to stay. 

How long will the Fortnite jetpack last? 

The Fortnite jetpack is a limited time item but only Epic really knows what that means. While things like the guided missiles were taken out pretty fast, we reckon a couple of weeks is more likely - just like when Thanos stopped by to sky-punch everyone’s faces off. There’s also a time limited mode called Close Encounters that’s just Shotguns and Jetpacks only, coming May 25, so expect the jetpacks to hang around until at least the end of that week. 

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