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Fortnite comic reveals how Thor and Galactus come to Fortnite

(Image credit: Marvel/Epic Games)

A new Fortnite comic that's readable in-game is telling the story of how Thor and Galactus came to the island, page by page.

Epic Games has been teasing what may be its biggest pop culture collab ever in the leadup to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. As the new season's scheduled arrival date of Thursday, August 27 approaches, it looks like it's almost time for Marvel. You can select the comic on the main Battle Pass menu in the lower right part of the screen and read the pages that are currently available.

The comic is being written by Thor writer Donny Cates, and drawn by artist Greg Land. It ties into Cates' current Thor storyline, in which Thor has become Galactus' Herald of Thunder to avert a catastrophe even greater than the coming of the world eater. Galactus detects a strange new power coming from a distant world and Thor descends to do his usual routine: warn the inhabitants and help them relocate… but it's Fortnite so they all just start attacking him instead.

Thor is forced to defend himself, and then something weird happens: he starts losing his memory. It looks like the strange loop that keeps the inhabitants of Fortnite's world locked in an eternally repeating battle, with no recollection of their previous lives, is powerful enough to claim even the king of Asgard.

On top of taking a creating a surprisingly deep explanation for why these new characters are in Fortnite (remember when John Wick just showed up even though there was already a skin based on him), this also touches on some of the deepest mysteries of Fortnite: Battle Royale itself. We'll have to see where it all goes when the next season begins on Thursday.

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