Still need to unlock John Wick? Here's when Fortnite Season 3 officially ends

An image of Fortnite: Battle Royale's new John-Wick-inspired skin.

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 is almost over, but it will live forever in our hearts as the time when Drake dropped in on a streamer's game, guided missiles were added and then removed in the space of a few weeks, and many of us started playing this kooky cartoon murder game. You can carry plenty of keepsakes with you into Fortnite's future, but only if you earn them before Season 3 officially ends.

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According to the in-game countdown on the Battle Pass screen, Season 3 will end at 3:30 am EDT on Tuesday, May 1. That's 12:30 am PDT and 8:30am BST on the same day. This official tweet puts it a half hour later.

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Hopefully you'll be able to keep playing and earning rewards all the way up until that time, but I wouldn't be surprised if the servers get pulled down a little early. Or maybe a little later! In any case, there are way too many moving parts at work to take that termination time as gospel.

If you started playing in Season 3, you may have noticed some other players running around with knight skins and wondered how they got them. They were an exclusive reward for Season 2 Battle Pass owners, and soon all of the Season 3 skins like The Reaper (AKA John Wick), Rust Lord (AKA Star Lord), and the default astronaut skin (AKA Jonesy in Space) will take on the same veterans-only status. At least that's the idea, Epic hasn't put any former Battle Pass skins up for individual sale in the cash store so far.

Speaking of skins, did you notice the new outfit in that teaser image? The one with the glowing eyes? Looks a bit Iron-Man-ly to me. Here it is, enlarged and color corrected a bit so you can see for yourself.

Four Fortnite characters standing over a crater.

While we busily work to unlock the rest of Season 3 goodies, let's all send positive thoughts to the Fortnite devs getting ready to kick off Season 4. Just keep repeating "minimal server downtime, minimal server downtime, minimal server downtime" as you drop from the bus…

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