Fortnite chest locations - Where to find every chest on the map

There are regularly tasks within the weekly Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges that will ask you to search chests across specific locations on the Fortnite map. Seeing as there are literally hundreds of Fortnite chest locations, you might want to start revising, because from underground bunkers to lookout towers, wooden boats to hedge mazes, it can be difficult to remember where every single one is. Thankfully, with this Fortnite chest locations guide, you don’t have to! We’ve got all the information for every single Fortnite chest at points of interest on the map. The only ones we haven’t included are the few lone warriors scattered across the map, away from anything notable.

It's worth noting that not all of these Fortnite chests will pop up in every match. This guide shows the possible locations for all the Fortnite chests that could pop up, so if you're searching for chests in a named location, you can use this as your bible. Select an area below to get started.

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Fortnite Flush Factory chest locations [D9] - 10 chests total

1. Shipping container behind the factory 

Head to the very back of the factory, as south as possible. There’s a chest inside the blue shipping container. 

 2. Back of the garbage truck

Over the road from the container, there’s a parked garbage truck. Jump in the back for a chest. 

3. Behind a wooden box at the bottom of a ramp

Head up toward the main factory building and this chest is at the bottom of a ramp, under an arch and behind a wooden crate. 

4. By the end of the conveyor belt 

Up the ramp from the last chest and inside the room to your left. This chest is up the stairs, behind the conveyor belt. 

5. Shipping container by the car park 

Outside the room with the previous chest, this one is to the north, in the shipping container by the car park. 

6. Back of a parked car 

Walk out of the previous container and take a left. There’s a chest in the back of the parked car. 

7. On top of the giant toilet 

East from the car park, there’s a chest at the top of Flush Factory’s main attraction: the towering toilet. 

8. Above the reception desk 

Walk into the main reception. There’s a chest in the roof, on the other side of the wall from the enormous lorry outside. 

9. On top of the display bathroom 

There’s a model bathroom inside the main factory building. Right beneath the mechanical claw is another chest. Be careful, as this loot often falls through the floor.

10. Middle floor of the eastern building 

Away from the main factory and over to the east is a building connected by a walkway. Head to the middle floor and you’ll find the final Flush Factory chest. 

Fortnite Nightclub chest locations [E9] - 18 chests total

1. DJ booth/main stage 

Across the dancefloor, there’s one chest where the DJ stands, underneath the disco lights.

2. At the end of the bar

To the side of the dancefloor is the bar. There’s a chest at the left end.

3. In the toilets

Opposite the bar, there’s a chest in the toilets on the left.

4. Manager’s office 

Walk up the stairs and over to the bar side. Enter the door at the end - you’ll reach the manager’s office and another chest. 

5. & 6. In the rafters 

Hanging over the dancefloor are the rafters. Build up to them and you’ll find two chests back to back.

7. Back of the garbage truck outside

Head out the main doors of the nightclub and there’s a chest in the red garbage truck.

8. Behind some crates in the middle warehouse 

Head to the smallest warehouse in the middle. There’s one chest behind the crates on the ground floor. 

9. Top floor of the middle warehouse

Head up two flights of stairs and there’s another chest in the same building.

10. Back of the garbage truck by the underground stairs

To the south of the middle warehouse, there’s a chest in the garbage truck.

11. Underneath the south-western warehouse

Head down the stairs next to the garbage truck. There’s a chest between two boilers.

12. In the rafters of the south-western building

Head up the stairs to the ground floor then up again. Build a staircase and there’s a chest on the upper platform. 

13. Inside the shipping container in the south-eastern warehouse

Cross the road from the last chest and there’s another inside the shipping container inside the next building.

14. Above the toilets

Build a staircase from the last chest and climb on top of the toilets. There’s another chest up there.

15. Inside the garbage truck

Between this and the final warehouse, there’s another garbage truck. Hop in the back for chest #15.

16. On top of the chimney

At the very top of the chimney on this factory is another chest in the open.

17. On wooden pallets on the ground floor

There’s a chest by the door connecting the main room to the hallway in this final warehouse.

18. On the top floor of the main room

There’s a chest at the very top of this warehouse, next to an ammo crate and sleeping bag.

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