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Where to deploy Fortnite pallets with Cat Food around the IO base

Fortnite cat food pallets
(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you need some help finding the Fortnite cat food pallet locations for one of Marigold’s week 13 challenges, we’ve got you covered. For this legendary quest, you need to place two pallets with cat food around Corny Complex in Fortnite. Helpfully, there are only three possible locations around this area and they’re all quite close to each other. We recommend landing at Corny Complex at the start of your next match so that you can quickly deploy the two cat food pallets to get this challenge done, and then you can focus on winning the match.

Fortnite cat food pallet locations

Fortnite cat food pallets map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

With a mole on the loose inside the Imagined Order, Marigold is giving you a bunch of tasks in week 13 to root out said mole. For this challenge, you’re trying to lure out the mole by deploying a pallet with cat food in two of the three possible locations in Corny Complex. All three locations for deploying Fortnite cat food pallets can be found close to the red barn at the center of Corny Complex. You just need to go up to the correct spot and interact with it to place the Fortnite cat food pallet.

  1. On the path between the barn and the stables: A cat food pallet can be found directly northwest of the barn on the path that runs between the north side of the barn and the south side of the stables with the grey roof.
  2. Behind the tractor shed: There’s a small, red tractor shed on the east side of the red barn. Another cat food pallet is behind this shed.
  3. Next to a tree near the barn: South of the barn west of the small crop field is a tree with some rocks and wooden boxes next to it. A cat food pallet is right next to this tree.

When you load into your next match, drop out the Battle Bus and head straight for Corny Complex. All three of the cat food pallet deployment locations are very close together but the ones on the path and behind the tractor shed are closest together, so we recommend heading for those. You can do this easily in a normal solo Battle Royale match or you can bring some friends and complete the challenge together. Completing this challenge for Marigold will get you 30,000 XP which will really help with levelling up this season’s Battle Pass before Chapter 2 Season 8 starts. She has plenty of other Fortnite legendary challenges for you to complete in week 13 too and completing all of them will get you 165,000 XP, so they’re well worth getting done.

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