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FIFA 20 Scream cards: All of the FUT Ultimate Scream cards for Halloween

FIFA 20 Scream cards
(Image credit: EA Sports)

Every year shortly before Halloween, the FIFA 20 Scream cards are revealed as a spooky-themed promo. With two weeks to go until Halloween this year, the Ultimate Scream cards are here in FIFA 20, and there's some seriously good players on offer. The FIFA 20 Scream promo works slightly different this year compared to the previous two years however, so read on for a complete list of the FIFA 20 Scream cards available right now, how they work, and how to get them.

How the FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream cards work

As you can see from the cards featured in the embedded tweet above, FIFA 20 Scream cards look similar to previous years, with a black and orange themed card design. While in the last two years, two specific attributes for each player were boosted to 90, which would then switch whenever there was a full moon, this year is different.

These cards are simply upgraded versions of players, with permanent attribute buffs. Rather than focusing on two specific stats, every attribute is increased for every player, some quite considerably. But how do you get the FIFA 20 Scream cards?

How to get FIFA 20 Scream cards

There's a few different ways to obtain FIFA 20 Scream cards this year. First up is Edin Dzeko, who you can obtain through a series of six objectives:

Slow and Steady Wins (Jumbo Gold Pack - Untradeable)
Assist 10 goals using forwards with a max. 83 Dribbling and a min. of 70 Passing in Rivals matches

Survive the Scream (Small Electrum Players Pack - Untradeable)
Score 10 goals in Online Survival

All the Roads Lead to Rome (Premium Gold Pack - Untradeable)
Win 4 Squad Battles matches using at least 1 Bundesliga player, 1 EPL player, and 1 Serie A player on min. Professional difficulty

Lethal Strike (Jack O' Lantern ball - Untradeable)
Score 5 goals using a Low Driven Shot in Rivals

Giant Slayer (Electrum Players Pack - Untradeable)
Score a goal using players with a max. of 75 Pace and a min. of 80 Physical in 3 separate Rivals wins

Bosnian Diamond (Hunter Chemistry Style - Untradeable)
Score a goal from a cross using a Serie A player in 4 separate Rivals matches

Completing all six of these will reward you with Scream Dzeko. There's less than a week to complete all of the objectives however, so chop chop!

There's also two separate FIFA 20 Scream Squad Building Challenges to complete at the moment, for Jesus Navas and James Milner respectively. You can find the requirements and solutions for both over on Futbin, but you've only got three days to get them done at the time of writing.

Finally, all of the other FIFA 20 Scream cards – which are listed below – can be obtained through packs for the next seven days. After the timer is up, a new set of FIFA 20 Scream cards will enter the rotation, and I'll update this guide.

FIFA 20 Scream cards list

FIFA 20 Scream cards

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Here's a complete list of all the FIFA 20 Scream cards and their overall rating in the game so far:

  • ST: Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) - 91
  • ST: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (LA Galaxy) - 88
  • CAM: James Rodriguez (Real Madrid) - 88
  • CAM: Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich) - 88
  • ST: Edin Dzeko (AS Roma) - 87
  • CAM: Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur) - 87
  • CB: Alessio Romagnoli (Milan) - 86
  • CDM: William Carvalho (Real Betis) - 86
  • CM: James Milner (Liverpool) - 86
  • RM: Jesus Navas (Sevilla) - 85
  • LM: Raphael Guerreiro (Borussia Dortmund) - 85
  • CAM: Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) 85
  • CB: Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City) - 85
  • LM: Bernard (Everton) - 84

Keep your eyes peeled as this guide will be updated when more FIFA 20 Scream cards come out, and good luck packing one!

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