FIFA 19 ratings: The 10 best FIFA 19 players you can buy in Ultimate Team (and what they’ll cost you!)

It's endgame time in the world's biggest football sim – and inevitably FIFA 19 ratings are the key to hanging with the best in Division Rivals or FUT Champions. The best players in the game will cause you to empty your coin balance, but it's almost time for FIFA 19 to switch over to FIFA 20 anyway. So why not splash out on a Ronaldo or Modric while you have a few in-game coins to spare?

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If you’ve spent time over the last few months carefully balancing your squad, finessing the finer details and amassing a bank vault of in-game coins, then now is the time to go gung-ho and add a couple of elite names to your squad – so we’ve profiled the ten best players in the game below. Come for the FIFA 19 ratings rundown. Stay for the bad football jokes.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus, ST) – OVR 99

Coincidence that FIFA 19’s cover star is also FIFA 19’s best player? Perhaps. ‘Team Of The Year’ Cristiano Ronaldo is the pinnacle of FUT, claiming near-perfect scores for five of the six main player attributes. Style, control, damage and aggression: you name it, 99 Ronaldo can do it. Get your hands on this card and make the most of CR7’s 99 rating for Shot Power and 98 for Long Shots to play havoc with teams from afar. FIFA 19 Cristiano Ronaldo may be the best virtual footballer of all time. The cost? A mere 7.8 million coins.

2. Lionel Messi (Barcelona, CF) – OVR 99

Don’t quite have the GDP of a small nation in FIFA coins? Can we suggest one Lionel Andrés Messi, available for the comparatively “low” price of 3.7m coins? Older FIFA games often had issues translating Messi’s greatness, but this Team Of The Year iteration has the Argentinian close to perfect in all of the ball-playing categories, and then marries it with a surprisingly high 82 rating for Strength to keep the little magician on the ball. 99 Short Passing, 99 Dribbling, and 99 Acceleration make TOTY Messi perfect for teams built around one-touch passing triangles.

3. Luka Modric (Real Madrid, CM) – OVR 99

The first man to break the Messi-Ronaldo Ballon D’Or duopoly in a decade, FIFA 19 went all out to honour Luka Modric. The Croatian’s Team Of The Year card currently costs 2.6m and offers the most well-rounded FIFA 19 experience around. Modric’s weakest attribute is his 73 Heading Accuracy. His strongest is...  nearly everything else. Perfect scores in Long Shots, Short Passing and Ball Control help him navigate corridors of midfield uncertainty, and his 99 Standing Tackle and Interception stats mean he’s no slouch in defence either.

4. Pele (Brazil, CAM) – OVR 99

Fan of the classics? May we present Pele from the FUT Prime Icon Moments package. The three-time World Cup winner was famed for being able to head the ball as hard as most people could kick it, and that’s represented with a 99 Heading Accuracy and 93 Jumping stat. If you spend 6.3m coins on this card, stick the ball on his bonce and watch the goals fly in. Not a fan of crosses? Pele’s 97 Dribbling, 96 Acceleration and 99 Finishing allow him to slot into any side built for counter attacks.

5. Diego Maradona (Argentina, CAM) – OVR 98

At his peak, Maradona could nutmeg a mermaid. In his FUT Prime Icon Moments iteration, his 99 Dribbling and 99 Ball Control ratings mean he can nutmeg most things you put in front of him. Costing 3.4m coins, the two-time Serie A and World Cup winner puts the “luxury” into “luxury player” – best operating from the number 10 position, where gamers can use Diego’s 94 Short Passing, 90 Long Passing and 89 Crossing to pick apart defences. Still sore about Mexico ‘86? Don’t worry, Maradona's Heading Accuracy is only 70 rated.

6. Eden Hazard (Chelsea, LW) - OVR 98

The beautiful Belgian's final Chelsea card before departing for Madrid is a peach – and while Real had to part with 88 million to snare him away from Stamford Bridge, the cost to you is a slightly more palatable 2.8m. For that you get the maximum possible rating for pace, dribbling, positioning, finishing and vision, with his only real weaknesses being marking (48) and sliding tackle (31). But let's be honest: you weren't expecting to do much defending with him, were you?

7. Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund, CAM) - OVR 98

Ridiculously, this is Reus' eleventh card in FIFA 19. He started the season at an OVR of 85, then picked up a ridiculous three player of the month awards - and cards to go with them. This TOTS iteration is the best of the lot, with 99 scores for shot power, volleys, vision, short passing and free-kicks. And with a long shot rating of 97, he'll be pinging them in for you from every possible range. Marco Polo? More like Marco Goal-o. 

8. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich, ST) - OVR 98

I can count on one hand the number of times I've come up against Lewa in Division Rivals or the FIFA 19 weekend league – he's oddly unfashionable despite being one of the game's greatest strikers. That should change with this card. Ratings of 99 for finishing, 99 for positioning, 98 for volleys and 99 for heading accuracy mean every sniff of goal usually ends triumphantly, unless you happen to be an opposition defender. At 1.8m he's the best value player in this top ten, bar none.

9. Luis Suarez (Barcelona, ST) – OVR 98

La Liga's most mischievous wind-up merchant is also one of the league's best players, in FIFA as in real life. This TOTS card is his seventh of the season, and goes for a few digital pennies under 1.7m. For that cash you're getting a predator in the box with scores of 99 for finishing and 95 for volleys, with an acceleration rating of 97 giving him sufficient burst to get shots away from all angles. That aggression level of 98 seems pretty appropriate too, given the bitey one's past wrongdoings. 

10. Neymar Jr (Paris Saint Germain, CAM) - OVR 98

He may wear Junior on his shirt, but there’s nothing secondary about Neymar’s TOTS card. Costing 6.6m coins, this iteration of the Brazilian forward comes with 99 Dribbling, Ball Control, Acceleration and Agility, allowing him to embarrass defenders with ease. 96 ratings for Short Passing and 89 for Long Passing make this Neymar incredible for fans of dribbling tricks and skills and equally comfortable playing as a 10 or on the wing. The lad’s a near octopus of attacking options, who’ll have you chaining Rainbow flicks in no time.

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