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Daily NewsRadar: Stranger Things' Dad Steve, PUBG gets skinned, Pokemon Go gets more Mew, and more

Nothing cheers up a Monday like a Marvel god smashing into a windshield, news about your favorite Stranger Things hairspray evangelist, PUBG guns makeovers, and Hearthstone card reveals.   

Stranger Things season 3 promises more "Dad Steve" 

Eleven might be the hero of Stranger Things, but bouffant bae Steve Harrington has become a fan favorite. In a Hollywood Reporter interview, executive producer Shawn Levy promised sweet Steve was staying. "I'll just say we won't be abandoning the Dad Steve magic. I don't want to say much more, but I literally feel that we were walking along and we stumbled onto a gold mine with Dad Steve." 

Weapon skins come to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds  

You probably haven't heard of the modestly popular battle royale game PUBG, but if you're one of its handful of players, you'll be pleased to know the latest update adds cosmetics for your boom sticks. They'll be available from Triumph Crates (which you have to buy) and Raider Crates. You can see the official drop rates for the goodies here.  

Thor meets The Guardians of the Galaxy  

A new Avengers: Infinity War clip from the Kids’ Choice Awards gave us a glimpse of something only previously seen in my sexual fantasies: Thor and Starlord spending some quality time together. "This is a man, a handsome, muscular man," says Drax - entirely accurately - of the God of Thunder.  

Pokemon Go gets a Mew update 

Mew is basically the Kanye West of Pokemon Go - famous but elusive - so the game is launching a new set of tasks that make you work to see that mythic magic. New Field Research and Special Research tasks will start appearing this week, and rewards include "a variety of useful items and even encounters with certain Pokemon." 

Hearthstone heads further into The Witchwood 

More new cards for the upcoming expansion today, courtesy of Blizzard's Peter Whalen and and Dan "Frodan" Chou. You can watch it all for yourself right here. 

Even more news:  

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Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber

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