Quiz: Which Stranger Things character are you?

Stranger Things season 2 is nearly upon us (hooray!), and what better way to celebrate its release by finding out, once and for all, which Hawkins resident you hold the most resemblance to? 

That's right, using a scientific algorithm carefully devised by the brilliant minds over at the Hawkins Lab (they're nice people once you get to know them, honest!), we can accurately determine which Stranger Things character you would be in no less than seven questions.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that everyone wants to be Eleven, but, let's be honest, not all of us share the same personality traits of a telepathic 12-year-old. Besides, there's plenty of other great characters to choose from; Hopper, Joyce... hell, even Steve has his merits, so don't freak out if you end up as him either.

Hit "Let's Go" below to begin the quiz, and promise me you'll only select Eggo waffles as your favourite food if you really mean it!

So, who did you get? Why not let us and everyone else know in the comments below, and remember, the quiz never lies...

Whoever you ended up with, let's hope they don't meet an untimely demise in Stranger Things' second season, which looks like it's going to significantly raise the stakes for Mike, Eleven, Will, and rest of the gang, not to mention the continually blighted town of Hawkins itself. 

If you didn't already know, Stranger Things season 2 arrives on Netflix worldwide tomorrow, which gives you the whole weekend to binge watch all nine of its glorious episodes. Praise the Demogorgon!

Matt Elliott
Matt is GamesRadar's senior commissioning editor. His ideal game would be a turn-based beat 'em up set in Lordran, starring Professor Layton and Nico from Broken Sword. There would also be catapults and romance.