There's a secret Far Cry 5 ending you can unlock in the first 10 minutes of the game

Far Cry 5's cult leader, Joseph Seed

Although it's the ultimate goal of the game in Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab) to take down Eden's Gate and its leader Joseph Seed, but if you're feeling like you need redeeming, there's a way to just go with the flow. There's a secret Far Cry 5 ending you can unlock within about 10 minutes of starting the game. 

Obviously, spoilers follow for the very start of Far Cry 5, so if you want to go in blind, look away now and don't watch the video below. 

As the game opens, you're riding with a federal marshal, the local sheriff and another police deputy to arrest Joseph Seed in the Eden's Gate compound. You arrive by helicopter, walk through the settlement under the watchful eyes of the armed cult members, and reach the church where Seed is giving a sermon. 

For some reason, it's up to you - the rookie - to cuff Seed and take him into custody. Joseph will stand there, arms outstretched before you just waiting for you to slap the cuffs on. The button prompt won't appear for a while, but if you just let the game play out and never press the button, the credits will roll. Basically, you're in a cult, call your dad. 

Of course, if you do cuff him, you'll be able to lead Joseph back to the chopper where the game kicks off properly with all the manic, mayhem and occasional silliness you'd expect from a Far Cry game (and trust me when I say you'll really want to cuff him and play through the game's utterly amazing opening sequence in full). But if you do want to check out the speed-run option, just don't press a thing. Let's just hope everyone realises this is a joke credits roll, and they haven't payed $60/£60 for a 5 minute adventure. 

Far Cry 4 did it too, where the credits would trigger if you sat around and waited for Pagan Min to return when he leaves you alone to enjoy a meal. Anyone who waited 15 long minutes rather than just legging it the moment Min's back was turned would get the early credit roll reward. 

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