The best Nintendo Switch bundles in 2019

best Nintendo Switch bundle

The best Nintendo Switch bundles are hard to come by thanks to the console holding its value like no-one’s business, but you’re generally shooting for a deal that comes in at $300-$350. Anything less than that is a bargain - particularly if it packs a game with lots of replay value such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If you've been bitten by the Nintendo bug thanks to E3 2019, we’ve uncovered the top discounts to get you started and save you money. You’ll find these below.

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Even though the best Nintendo Switch bundles are few and far between, it’s the perfect time to give the home/handheld hybrid a go nonetheless. Backed by incredible games you won’t find anywhere else - like Super Mario Odyssey - and packing genuinely novel ideas, this is a system with more unique selling points than most. What other console would turn cardboard into legit Nintendo Switch accessories? Not any I can think of (speaking of which, you can get the best Nintendo Labo prices here). What’s more, it’s a hoot for everyone both young and old.

Once you’ve picked up your console, don’t forget your Nintendo Switch SD cards either. These will boost the system’s very meagre 32GB of internal memory, solving the conundrum of which save you’ll need to delete so you can install new games. Similarly, the best case for Nintendo Switch is also a must. The Switch can be taken with you on the go, but dropping and breaking it tends to put a damper on the fun. Finally, you shouldn’t miss our guide to cheap Nintendo game deals - we’ve found the best price-cuts around, including ways of getting a Nintendo Switch controller cheap.

Best Nintendo Switch deals

best Nintendo Switch bundle


You'll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on the best Nintendo Switch bundles; they don't hang around for long. We've listed our favorite deals right here. They're updated on a daily basis, so be sure to come back later if you don't see anything that tempts you.

Best Nintendo Switch bundles

best Nintendo Switch bundles


Want the best value for money? Get a Nintendo Switch with a game or accessory included (particularly an SD card or carry case, if you can manage it). This will usually cost less than buying each item separately. As luck would have it, you'll find the most tempting bundle deals here.

Nintendo Switch (any color) + HORI D-Pad_+ carry case | $299 at Walmart (save up to $33)
This bundle sets you up nicely with the essentials, all at a lower-than-normal cost.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Gray) Accessories Bundle | $343.87 on Amazon
Get yourself a bargain on Nintendo's latest console and some very handy accessories.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Neon Red) + Mario Tennis Aces + 1-2 Switch | $359.96 at Walmart (save $10)
If you're new to Nintendo, this isn't a bad place to start - you'll get a solid Mario game and multiplayer to boot.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Gray) + 64GB MicroSD | $314.99 on Amazon
If you're going to grab a Switch anyway, you might as well get one with a super-cool Zelda 64GB SD card to store all those games on.View Deal

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