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The best Nintendo Switch bundles UK 2019

best Nintendo Switch bundles UK
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If you're hunting down the very best Nintendo Switch bundles, this is the right place to be - our guide recommends the cheapest and most tempting offers on the console. Don't hang about too long, though. Because Nintendo products of all kinds are infamous for holding their value, discounts such as this are worth their weight in Mario's gold coins. And if there isn't anything that tickles your fancy right now? Come back during sales season and you're sure to find a few good bargains, especially when the Nintendo Switch Black Friday offers kick off at the end of November.

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Nintendo Switch Lite price
Get your hands on the brand-new Nintendo Switch Lite, a cheaper, handheld-only alternative.

Generally speaking, the best Nintendo Switch bundles weigh anywhere between £300-£350 - if you're getting the original console, anyway. Because the OG system will set you back £279 by itself and games are usually around £40-£50, anything going above £350 isn't worth the effort (the only exception being Ring Fit Adventure packages, as that accessory is more expensive in its own right). As for the Nintendo Switch Lite, the sweet spot is £200-£250. If you want to know what the difference between the two is, check out the information below or visit our feature on Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite.

No matter what you choose, the best Nintendo Switch bundles should leave you with a little bit of extra cash to pick up games or any Nintendo Switch accessories you need. As an example, getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch controller cheap is often difficult. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch SD cards are must-have peripherals because they boost the console's poor 32GB memory. 

Happy bargain-hunting!

Black Friday game deals
Black Friday is very nearly here! Bookmark our guide to ensure you don't miss any bargains, and don't forget to check out our page of Black Friday gaming specials too.

Best Nintendo Switch bundles

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) + Luigi's Mansion 3 | £299 on Amazon (save £24)
The Luigi's Mansion series has always impressed us, but the latest one is the best yet.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red) + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 6-month Spotify Premium | £299 at Currys (save £20.99)
This offer gets the console and a superb game for less, as well as Spotify Premium (console available in Grey).View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) + Ring Fit Adventure + Just Dance 2019 | £354.99 on Amazon (save £13.85)
Ring Fit Adventure is a worthy successor to the legendary Wii Fit, and we think it's likely to become a big hit over Christmas. View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) + Overwatch | £289 on Amazon (save £18.99)
Hype's building for the series now that Overwatch 2 has been announced. See what the fuss is about with the original game.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red) + FIFA 20 + 6-month Spotify Premium | £299 at Currys (save £16.99)
Football's coming home… This offer gets you the console with the latest FIFA, not to mention that Spotify Premium sub.View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) + Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu | £299 on Amazon (save £21.88)
If you've gotta catch 'em all, this remake of Pokemon Yellow will be right up your street. The discount is also appreciated!View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Blue) + The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening | £314.99 on Amazon (save £8.85)
Head back to the world of dream whales, Chain Chomps, and head-scratching puzzles with this old-school Zelda. View Deal

Nintendo Switch (Neon Blue/Red) + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate + 6-month Spotify Premium | £309 at Currys (save £14.99)
You'll get the Nintendo fighter with this offer, as well as six months of Spotify Premium. It's pricier, but Smash is worth it.View Deal

Nintendo Switch Lite | $198 on Amazon
This version of Nintendo Switch is handheld only, and it's out now in Yellow, Grey, and Turquoise.View Deal

Which Nintendo Switch should you buy?

There are two different kinds of Nintendo Switch to choose from (the original Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite), but don't worry - they both play the same games. The difference between them comes down to size, cost, and flexibility. Although the original console is more expensive, it can be played on TV and in handheld mode. Meanwhile, the Lite is cheaper and smaller but ends up being handheld-only. 

Do you want to play Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros. with your friends and family on the big screen? Go for a normal Switch. Just want your fix of Nintendo games or your child's first console? The Lite is for you.

Here's a more detailed breakdown:

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1. Nintendo Switch (original)

The best overall deal

Resolution: 1080p (TV mode), 720p (handheld mode) | Storage: 32GB | Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1, x1 HDMI, x1 USB Type-C, x1 SD card slot, 1x 3.5mm audio jack | Features: Touchscreen, accelerometer, gyroscope, brightness sensor, TV mode, handheld mode, detachable Joy-Cons

Can be played on TV
Detachable Joy-Cons

The standard Nintendo Switch is arguably still the best one. That's because it gives you options; you can either play on your TV or take it with you in handheld mode (though the screen is limited to 720p resolution when you do so). Better still, it's easy to do both. That level of flexibility is what makes this version so appealing. Want to try some Mario Kart multiplayer with your family and friends? No problem. Feel like tackling The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your morning commute? Sure thing. This Switch allows you to make that call. What's more, playing on a TV means you can enjoy your games in glorious 1080p HD.

If you'd prefer to future-proof yourself, this is the Switch to go for.

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2. Nintendo Switch Lite

Perfect for gaming on the go

Resolution: 720p (handheld mode only) | Storage: 32GB | Connectivity: Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1, x1 USB Type-C, x1 SD card slot, 1x 3.5mm audio jack | Features: Touchscreen, accelerometer, gyroscope, lightweight, improved battery life

Much cheaper
22g lighter than the original Switch
Superior battery life
Handheld mode only

If you've been crying out for a cheaper Nintendo Switch, this is your answer. The Lite is significantly more affordable than the standard console and is 22g lighter as well. Throw in a battery that lasts 20-30% longer and you have a tempting deal on your hands. Unfortunately, Nintendo's brand-new system comes with drawbacks of its own. Namely, it only runs in handheld mode at 720p - this version can't be played on a TV. That limits its viability for split-screen multiplayer or couch co-op. However, the Lite's compact, sturdy nature and lower price make it ideal for those on a budget or as a console for younger children.

You can preorder yours here.

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