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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Ready For New Blood?
The teaser posters for the second season of True Blood are now online . Some of you will work out what's going on in them straight away. Others may have to to stare at them for a while. It's all about perception.

From Connor To Krueger
Shock Till You Drop claims that heroes and Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker will be facing off against Jackie (Watchmen) Haley’s Freddy Krueger in the upcoming remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Transformers 2 Longer... Slightly
Director Michael has told that Transformers 2 is longer than its predecessor... byt all of four minutes (147 minutes then).

Stargate Uni... er, SG... er, Which One?
Sci Fi has now announced that yet another SG-1 star is going to be guesting in the snew spin-off, Stargate Universe, in the form of Amanda Tapping. So that means we only need to hear whether Christopher Judge is going to p[ up and the new show will have the full set. Doesn’t bode well for the show being a brave new departure for the franchise.