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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Aaron Taylor-Johnson joins The Avengers (for real this time, probably), Rollerball writer William Harrison dies and The Simpsons does The Hobbit

• Apparently Simpsons couch gags are now the best thing about the near-30-year-old show, at least if this Hobbit -themed sketch is anything to go by. It’s not quite as good as the horror-themed Guillermo del Toro-directed sequence from a few weeks back, but it’s a lot of fun.

Eagle Eye and I Am Number Four director DJ Caruso is set to helm The Disappointments Room , a supernatural thriller about a woman who moves to the country only to slowly lose her sanity (presumably because there’s no internet or something). Kate Beckinsale is reportedly up for the role of the afflicted by visions of a dead girl (ah, so it wasn’t the internet thing), while the script has been penned by Prison Break ’s Wentworth Miller, who also wrote this year’s critically acclaimed Stoker .

• Here’s a brilliant IMAX poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

• The latest rarely-seen Star Wars trailer to come out of the Mouse House is this fab theatrical re-release trailer for A New Hope , with incomplete lightsaber effects. Could all these trailers be building towards something Episode VII -related?

• The pretty-much-forgotten 2007 videogame Heavenly Sword is being adapted into an animated movie, which will have a limited theatrical run before heading to DVD and on-demand services. It’s being made by Blockade Entertainment, who are also making the Ratchet And Clank Movie.

Jordan Farley
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