SFX165 Tantalising Titbit # 2: Battlestar Galactica

Katee Sackhoff talks about whether she thinks her Battlestar Galactica character, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace, should ever get it together with Apollo, in an interview in SFX165:

“I don’t want Lee and Kara to end up together. I’m not a big fan of shows and movies wrapping things up in a pretty little box and putting a bow on it and saying, ‘And everybody’s happy.’ Because that’s not realistic, that’s not life. Things happen; people don’t end up together; and as much as they love each other – and, realistically, I think they do belong together – I think ultimately she, in whatever capacity, whether she be alive or not alive or a shell of who she used to be; whatever she is (and we don’t know exactly), I don’t know if she will ever fully be able to give herself to Lee… Kara Thrace has always been a loner, and I think that it would be fitting for her to walk off into the sunset alone at the end. Because that’s kind of who she is, and I think that’s the only way that she’ll be happy and content – to be alone.”

Catch the full four-page interview in SFX165, on sale 19 December.