Roberts gets serious

Maybe it’s all the talk of Reese Witherspoon nabbing $29 million a movie, maybe it’s an effort to erase the memories of Ocean’s 12 - one thing’s for sure, 2006 is Julia Roberts' comeback year.

While she’s gearing up to face Tom Hanks in Mike Nichols’ political drama Charlie Wilson’s War, JR is this close to putting pen to paper on Daniel Isn’t Talking, based on the novel by Marti Leimbach.

The story follows a London-based family whose lives are turned upside down when they discover one of their two children is autistic. The flick will be adapted by Rent scribbler Stephen Chbosky.

Robert’s has previously appeared in a Leimbach adaptation, Joel Schumacher’s heart-tugger Dying Young, all the way back in ’91.