Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities - how to meet Guido Martelli and start Crime Contracts

Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities
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Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities are the beating heart of the Blood Money update, and to get the ball rolling on this new enterprise you must first meet Guido Martelli at the pagoda in central Saint Denis to learn about the issues currently facing his criminal operations. Unlike many of the other employment strands you can undertake in Red Dead Online, you don't have to make any initial investment to enter this seedy underworld of organised criminality, meaning players of all means can jump straight into the action.

Convene with Martelli and he'll soon have you on the trail of his missing Red Dead Online Capitale, which are bonds distributed by the Bronte gang for less-than-above-board payments, and that are now losing their value due to their wide distribution among the criminal fraternity. If you're ready to start rounding up these missing papers, then here's everything you need to know about Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities.

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What are Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities

Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities

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Red Dead Online Crimes are the activities you undertake to begin recovering bonds for Martelli, and can take a wide variety of forms from simple holdups to multiple stage heists called Crime Contracts. Be prepared to carry out debt collections, daring robberies, kidnappings, and more to achieve your ends, remembering that you can carry them out on your own or with your posse. 

Red Dead Online Opportunities, on the other hand, will only become available once you've acquired enough notes for Martelli. These involve dealing with senators who are interfering with criminal operations, and there are various approaches available for Opportunities that will be revealed as you scout the area and overhear conversations. Ultimately, each of these Opportunities will allow you to return one of the three Jewels of the West to Martelli, with the first being available from July 13 and the other two unlocking at later dates.

How to start Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities

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Initially you'll be introduced to Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities when you receive a letter from Martelli, which you can read by opening your satchel then going through the Documents tab, Letters, then selecting Letter from "M". In it he says he'll meet you – and only you – under the pagoda by the Theater Raleur in Saint Denis, so head to the location marked Blood Money with a $ icon in Saint Denis on your map to get things started.

After this introduction, Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities will be available from the following shady contacts:

  • Anthony Foreman - Radley's House, Rhodes or Doyle's Tavern, Saint Denis
  • James Langton - Hennigan's Stead or Lake Don Julio cabin, New Austin
  • Joe - Osman Grove, New Hanover
  • Sean Macguire - Great Plains or Tall Trees

You can identify these associates by their $ icons on the map, but if you've not dealt with them before they may make you prove yourself before they'll hand out any jobs. Once you have trust, converse with them to get the lowdown on the latest activities available then get out there and complete their dirty work. Remember that you won't be able to get Opportunities from them until you've collected enough bonds through Crimes or other means – the initial Covington Emerald Opportunity costs 15 notes on Standard difficulty, 20 on Hard, or 25 on Ruthless, with higher difficulties providing greater rewards.

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