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Prime Day Xbox
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2022's Amazon Prime Day Xbox deals are officially over, but that isn't to say you can't still save some money if you're quick. More than a few discounts remain available even though the sale is done and dusted, so if there's something you've had in your cart for a while, you might want to hit that checkout button sooner rather than later.

So far, we're only seeing modest discounts on the actual hardware, but some of the best Prime Day Xbox deals include bundles that come with a console and headset - in some cases, for less than the MSRP of an Xbox Series S. But with how rare actual price drops are on new-gen consoles, this is still a great time to pick out a new Xbox if you've been keeping an eye on Series X stock. It's an even better time, however, if you're looking out for sales on the best gaming headsets and cheap Xbox controller deals.

We've put together as many Prime Day Xbox deals as we could find in the US and UK, but if you're not having any luck and are open to looking at options from the dark side, then be sure to take a look at our Prime Day PS5 deals as well. We've also got Prime Day TV deals you'll want to check out no matter your console of choice. And remember, keep checking in with GamesRadar+ as more Amazon discounts go live, as we'll be here hunting for the best Xbox deals you can find for Prime Day 2022. 

The best Prime Day Xbox deals available now


Get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime
If you time it right, then a free trial of Amazon Prime, will prove very handy indeed for getting you access to the best offers in the upcoming Prime Day Xbox deals. Just sign up in time to cover that time period, then cancel before the $14.99/£7.99 per month cost kicks in.

Prime Day Xbox deals in the USA

Xbox Series S + SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wired Gaming Headset | $499.98 $468.98 at Amazon
Save $31 -

Xbox Series S + SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wired Gaming Headset | $499.98 $468.98 at Amazon
Save $31 - This is the bundle to get if you value sound in gaming, as it gets you the incomparable SteelSeries Artctis 9X - a normally $200 headset -  along with the Xbox Series S on the cheap.


Razer Wolverine V2 wired controller | $99.99 $69.99 at Amazon
Save $30 - The Razer Wolverine V2 is down to $69.99 right now - not far away from a $49.99 record low that we've only ever seen once before, and only for a day.


Razer Kraken | Green | $79.99 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $40 - If you aren't bothered about going wireless and are looking for a simple wired solution then this absolutely bonkers price on the Kraken headset is for you. It's been around the $40 mark over the past few months but this is still a good price.


Elden Ring (Xbox) | $59.95 $45.69 at Amazon
Save 24% -  If you had been waiting to try the latest From Software game, there really has never been a better time to pick it up. And don't worry, this version will work on either Xbox One or Xbox Series X. A top-tier Prime Day Xbox deal, in other words.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (Xbox) | $69.99 $54.99 at Amazon
Save 21% - The fantasy-flavored spin-off of Borderlands has also take a big tumble in price for the pre-Prime Day Xbox deals, and that's its lowest ever price so far as we can tell.


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Xbox One/Series X) | $59.99 $24.99 at Amazon
Save $35 - Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best single-player games available today and you really should give it a shot at this price. Forget the Marvel movies, this is an original take on the franchise and it's all the better because of it.

Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition | $29.99$24.85 at Amazon
Save $5.14 -

Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition | $29.99 $24.85 at Amazon
Save $5.14 -
Minecraft's ARPG-style spin-off proved a popular new take on the blocky phenomenon, and while this isn't the lowest price we've ever seen, it's a good deal when you consider it comes with all the extra content included in the games' Hero Pass.


Life is Strange: True Colors | $59.99 $24.99 at Amazon
Save $35 - We've only ever seen Life is Strange: True Colors drop to $30 in previous sales, so this $24.99 cost is particularly tempting. It's a beautiful, heart-wrenching adventure that everybody should play.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox/Xbox Series X Digital Code) | $59.99$39.99 at Amazon
Save $15 -

Microsoft Flight Simulator (Xbox/Xbox Series X Digital Code) | $59.99 $39.99 at Amazon
Save $15 - Microsoft Flight Simulator is a really awe-inspiring experience, that'll let you explore the world from the comfort of your couch. And with $20 off, it's a steal at this price!


Razer Kaira | $100 $79.99 at Amazon
Save $20 - If you're looking to snap up a quality wireless Xbox headset right now before the madness, then this is it. Save 20% and get the Kaira for what is a second lowest ever price.

Prime Day Xbox deals in the UK


Assassin's Creed Valhalla | XSX; Xbox One | £54.99 £24.99 at Amazon
Save £30 - Assassin's Creed Valhalla is listed with a colossal saving right now, which is a fantastic price for what is arguably one of the best open world games you can play right now.


Halo Infinite | XSX; Xbox One | £54.99 £26.99 at Amazon
Save £18 - Halo Infinite is enjoying a big Prime Day discount right now. A boxed copy of the game for Xbox Series X and Xbox One is just under £30, which is a nice, healthy saving on Master Chief's new adventure.

The Quarry | Xbox Series X | £64.99 £42.99 at Amazon
Save £22

The Quarry | Xbox Series X | £64.99 £42.99 at Amazon
Save £22 - You can already save just over 20 quid on The Quarry for Xbox Series X and that is a heck of a discount on such a recent game. And it's a lowest ever price too so you can have a clear conscience if you wanted to go early.

Will there be Xbox Series X stock on Amazon Prime Day?

Now, it must be said that it is probably as 'easy' as it has ever been to find stock of the Xbox Series X nowadays despite that awful first year or so. I know the word 'easy' is doing a lot of heavy lifting there, but it's undeniable that the flow of Xbox Series X stock has been much better in recent months. The Series S has long been easy to obtain too. 

It's also worth remembering that what Amazon did with some of its recent PS5 console restocks was to put them just behind a Prime membership. We should probably expect this to happen with highly-demanded items such as Xbox consoles too this year.

However, there's never a bad time to check, so the below links will take you straight to Amazon's and other retailers' Xbox stock pages so you can check them instantly.


Xbox Series X - check at Amazon
Still the most popular version of the console given its beefier specs and disc drive. It can output at 4K and 120Hz too (varying on the game). If you want a new Xbox that feels like the future of gaming, your search ends here (the listing page might default to the Series S if sold out).

Xbox Series S - check at Amazon
The Series S is far cheaper, but that's not only because it's digital-only - no disc drive for games here - but there's also no full fat, 4K gaming here. It's sort of both slightly better and slightly worse than the last-gen Xbox One X model, but

Xbox Series S - check at Amazon
The Series S is far cheaper, but that's not only because it's digital-only - no disc drive for games here - but there's also no full fat, 4K gaming here. It's sort of both slightly better and slightly worse than the last-gen Xbox One X model, but is a genuine new-gen console still, and great for those who value Xbox Game Pass. And it's affordable as heck.

Amazon Prime Day Xbox deals - FAQs

Should I buy the Xbox Series S this Prime Day?

The Series S console has not been nearly as hard to come by as the full-fat X variant. However, this isn't to say it's unpopular - in fact, there's quite a niche for it and if you don't mind going all-digital, then the upcoming Prime Day Xbox deals could be the perfect time to commit to one of these new-gen-lite consoles.

For anyone hesitating about going for an Xbox Series console, we usually advise to go for the X if at all possible: it has better specs and power, and a disc drive for all (nearly) your Xbox games and so it can be a blu-ray and dvd player too. However, if you have a small budget, or mainly play on PlayStation or Switch, then the S is a great way into the Xbox ecosystem for less and combined with GamePass can become a hell of an experience-maker. We also wouldn't be surprised if we see some great deals on the S this Prime Day too...

Do I need to be a Prime member to access Prime Day Xbox deals?

In a way, yes. But also in a way, no. It's become a bit more complicated than it used to be, but we still think that the best deals will indeed be behind a gate marked 'For Amazon Prime Members Only'. The caveat to this is that there are always deals at Amazon that are up for grabs to everyone, and other retailers will still look to price match those Prime-only deals without erecting any gates to get them.

This latter point is great news more generally, as all the other retailers want a piece of the Prime Day Xbox deals pie, so definitely keep abreast of all the big players and make sure you shop around a bit and get a bird's eye view of your options.

Returning to the very tip of this point though: it remains highly likely that the deepest price cuts and best offers will be kept for those who have a Prime membership. And even if you don't want all the other benefits that a Prime Membership - access to the TV platform, TV, and free delivery, etc - you can always use the free trial just for this event!

What will Amazon Prime Day Xbox deals look like in 2022?

Even though last year was the first Prime Day to cover the new generation of Xbox consoles and everything that comes with that, it still revealed some great deals and ones that we can certainly look at to get an idea of what's to come this year. We always find that looking back at the previous year's deals is a good starting point of figuring out what might happen this year. But it's absolutely a safe bet that we'll see some big names in Xbox accessories and Xbox games have their prices slashed. It happens at each sales event, and having covered more than we'd like to remember, we know what to expect.

The Amazon Prime Day Xbox deals are a perfect time to bag an audio upgrade in the shape of a top headset. The most common thing we see is that those premium sets which do often seem as out of reach and a bit too expensive can change price brackets entirely and rocket down to the mid-tier levels of pricing. Some top contenders to look out for are the likes of the Razer Kaira Pro, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2, and SteelSeries Arctis 9X or 7X.

If you've been feeling the pinch storage-wise now that we're deep into the Xbox Series' consoles' life, then the Prime Day Xbox deals are going to be worth a look for sure. We're hoping that the official Seagate Expansion Card will see some action this Prime Day in particular - it's probably the peak of the storage solutions, but its price has held stubbornly. However, other external solutions should have you well covered too. And in this respect, focus your eyes on external SSDs rather than HDDs. This is simply because, with Prime Day deals and price cuts, the usually-more-expensive SSDs come down to the price of the traditional HDDs - this means you can bag something like the excellent WD BLACK P50 or the robust-as-heck SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable for the price of WD My Passport (which are still great if you just need a cheap HDD, to be fair).

We can expect to see some action in the land of controllers too. While a lot (all?) are wired, there have been a bunch of quality third-party Xbox controllers that have come out - more so than on the other side of the console canyon. Expect the likes of some of our premium favourites like the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro to come down in price, as well as already-aggressively-price pads like the Turtle Beach Recon controller to come into impulse purchase territory.

Subscription-wise, we have to look at Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate. Traditionally there have been solid discounts of around 30% on these subscriptions and we'd fully expect that to be the case again this year. And we'd definitely expect there to be instances where you can get Game Pass and a Series S console, bundled up together for a tasty discount too.

But some of the biggest bargains will come on Prime Day Xbox deals on the best Xbox Series X games, and the best Xbox One games. If you've wanted big games like Forza Horizon 5, Elden Ring, Hitman 3, or Halo Infinite for less, then this will surely be the time strike. Big, headline games like these always have price cuts, but you might also be able to pick up some bargains on Ubisoft games, as well as the older Gears games for example.

We hope to see something that resembles the above, but last year's deals should show us the sort of patterns, price cuts, and product discounts to expect this year. Apply the same sort of cuts to some newer gear or games, and it starts to look really exciting.

Is Prime Day free?

The short answer is 'yes, with an if', and the long answer is 'no, with a but'. Broadly speaking you can have access to some of the best of Prime Day without having to pay a penny for an account, a subscription, or any fees. However, if you want access to the best that Prime Day has to offer - including the best Prime Day Xbox deals - then paying for a Prime subscription (or going for a free trial could end up getting your access to the best deals and saving you even more money.

If you want to continue your research and take it up a notch, check out the best TVs for Xbox Series X, best Xbox Series X monitors, and the top Xbox Series X wireless headsets that we've rounded up too.

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