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Pokemon Go fans have cracked a hidden raid mechanic

Pokemon Go Yveltal counters
(Image credit: Niantic)

Pokemon Go fans have unearthed a secret raid mechanic involving catching creatures.

Just yesterday on July 15, Pokemon fansite The Silph Road published its 48th community study. This new study was dedicated to analyzing whether there was a certain period during Raid encounters in Pokemon Go that Raid bosses were easier to catch. The answer is apparently a resounding yes.

The incredible research by the community surrounding The Silph Road has logged over 6,500 throws over the course of the investigation. The research itself has concluded that there's a hidden dynamic catch bonus multiplier embedded within each Raid battle in Pokemon Go, that effectively means the longer the battle goes on for, the easier the Raid boss is to capture.

To get the experiment going, researchers for The Silph Road would throw Premier Balls at Raid bosses, and record everything that would effect the catch multiplier, including Berries, other PokeBalls, and more. The experiment itself shows that players generally stand a better chance of successfully capturing a Raid boss on the ninth or tenth attempt of throwing a PokeBall.

We'd absolutely recommend reading the full report from The Silph Road, which delves into detail on the formula used by Pokemon Go to determine catch rates, as well as outlining how different items like Berries, PokeBalls, and more effect the multiplier itself. It's a herculean effort from the community surrounding Niantic's ongoing game, and we tip our hat to everyone involved in the process.

In other Pokemon Go-related news, the official Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is kicking off tomorrow on July 17. While the festivities celebrating Niantic's game are rolling until a day later on July 18, YouTube channel Try Guys will be collaborating with the game for the limited-time event, and you can check out their Choose Your Own Adventure video on YouTube right now.

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