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Pokemon Go Try Guys collaboration announced for Go Fest 2021

Pokemon Go Fest 2021
(Image credit: Niantic)

The Pokemon Go Try Guys collaboration is the latest update when it comes to Pokemon Go Fest 2021, which will provide some exclusive content surrounding the game including a choose your own adventure. Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is taking place on July 17 and 18 – tickets are available in-game now for $5/£5 – and involves helping Professor Willow put on a music concert.

What that entails exactly is still to be seen over the weekend, but players will need to decide between either Rock Star Pikachu or Pop Star Pikachu during a special research quest. Your choice determines which new track producer Junichi Masuda will play, which is a big deal because he's also the music producer for the mainline Pokemon series. You can find out more on the overall Pokemon Go Fest 2021 event on the official website (opens in new tab).

Meanwhile, the Try Guys and Google Play collaboration is especially exciting for players on Android devices. From Monday, July 12 to Sunday, July 18, Google Play subscribers will earn 4x Google Play points on any purchase made in Pokemon Go, while "eligible trainers" will receive three months of YouTube Premium for free. On the Try Guys side of things, you can check out their Choose Your Own Adventure video on YouTube now (opens in new tab).

Finally, Android players have one more goodie to look forward to during the event; a special sponsored gift. This contains one Incense, one Super Incubator, and 30 Ultra Balls, and can be obtained on the Saturday. More information on both the Google Play partnership and the Pokemon Go Try Guys collaboration in the official blog post (opens in new tab).

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