Pack it in everyone, an Elden Ring player just beat two Malenias simultaneously with a frikkin' dance pad

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We've seen a ton of really impressive Elden Ring accomplishments since launch, and hell, just beating the dang game would make me very proud of myself, but I'm not sure how anyone will be able to top this one.

In case you're wondering, yes, we're talking about the same Elden Ring player that beat the notoriously difficult boss Malenia with one hand - while her character was only at rune level one. She's also the GR-dubbed "dance mat queen" who's working her way through all of the game's bosses using some seriously skilled footwork. However, as dejected as I am comparing my own abilities in Elden Ring to those incredible feats, it's this latest one that's making me question whether I should even bother finishing the game at this point.

The streamer, who goes by MissMikkaa, has managed to beat two Malenias at the same time by playing one version of Elden Ring with a controller and another with a her now-famous dance pad.

MissMikkaa started playing through Elden Ring this way back in December, but beating the double-Malenia boss fight is undeniably her greatest accomplishment. However, with Elden Beast next on her list, it sounds like it won't be long before we'll be watching the streamer, our mouths agape, triumph over yet another seemingly unfathomable challenge.

Elden Ring itself had some pretty major accomplishments in its first year, scoring GamesRadar's coveted GOTY award as well as the same from numerous other publications. In fact, it even surpassed The Last of Us 2 as the most-awarded GOTY recipient ever.

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