Elden Ring dance mat queen beats Margit doing hardest challenge yet, immediately falls to her death

Elden Ring Margit fell omen boss fight
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An Elden Ring streamer has beat the open-world RPG’s first great difficulty check on a dance mat and PS5 simultaneously. Though, not without nearly rendering her run incomplete after falling off the side of a cliff – in-game, the streamer herself is fine. 

If you’ve been out of the loop, content creator MissMikkaa has spent the year beating Elden Ring’s gang of nasty bosses despite various restrictions – she has beaten the entire game one-handed and triumphed over Malenia while using a dance pad. Now, though, she’s taking things to the next level by playing two different versions of the game simultaneously, one controlled through a dance pad and the other with a controller. 

The other day, she kicked off her journey by beating the Stonedigger Troll. Now, she’s taken an even bigger step in defeating Margit and Godrick, the former being the game’s first serious difficulty check. 

While the streamer was soon victorious against Margit, the run was nearly void as she ran off a cliff after beating the big bad on the dance pad version of the run. You see, she has set herself a rule that a boss fight is only genuinely completed if she beats them across both versions of the game around the same time. She technically died on one version before finishing off the boss on the PS5 run. While some questioned if that called for a do-over, MissMikkaa says it counts as Margit was truly in the dirt by the time it happened.

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If you weren’t following the news when Elden Ring launched, Margit proved to be the first grand difficulty check of the game, with only around half of players beating him in the week the game launched, depending on what platform you’re looking at. 

Elden Ring snagged the top RPG spot on Metacritic this year thanks to solid reviews. That is until The Witcher 3’s next-gen update came out.

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