Elden Ring player is on a quest to beat every boss on a dance pad, has already beaten Malenia

(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

A streamer playing through Elden Ring using a dance pad for a controller has already beaten the game's hardest boss.

Elden Ring streamer MissMikkaa – yes, the same MissMikkaa who completed the game with just one hand and without levelling up past rune level one – is this time on a mission to beat the game with no hands, and her achievements are genuinely jaw-dropping. 

Amazingly, she's already managed to take down Malenia and it was during their 84th attempt that MissMikkaa finally triumphed:

"I DID IT!" she tweeted once the battle was done. "I killed Malenia with Dance Pad only! It took me 84 tries and about six hours to get her down but managed to do it in one session. Pretty awesome! Next up: Gideon."

MissMikkaa's tenaciousness can be watched in real-time over on her Twitch channel, which I heartily recommend. And yes, just liked her one-handed adventure, the streamer is making things extra tough by not levelling up through this playthrough, too…

Hard to believe, I know, but did you know that dataminers discovered that Elden Ring's most notorious boss, Malenia, used to be even more difficult to beat than she already is?

By analyzing and playing through the 1.0 version of Elden Ring - that is, a version that's been untouched by patches or changes since the original game was pressed to disc and played offline to avoid just such updates - the dataminer discovered several key differences with her attack pattern and abilities, making her significantly more aggressive. 

And while we're on the subject of Elden Ring, these gorgeous official Elden Ring art books are slated to go on sale later this year… but only in Japan. The art collection is so immense, it has to ship in two separate 400-page volumes.

Scheduled to release on November 30, the first book will cover the game's opening area and cinematics, concept art of the open world and dungeons, and art related to characters and armor, whilst the second covers enemy design, weapons, and "many item illustrations". 

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