Elden Ring surpasses The Last of Us 2 as the most-awarded Game of the Year recipient

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Elden Ring has surpassed The Last of Us 2's total Game of the Year awards.

That's according to dedicated ResetEra researchers, who have compiled Elden Ring's total Game of the Year awards, and deduced that FromSoftware's latest currently sits at a staggering 324 wins. That officially beats The Last of Us Part 2's awards, which totalled 322 back in 2020.

Taking a slightly deeper look at things, Elden Ring appears to have won a grand total of 281 Game of the Year awards from media outlets (including us here at GamesRadar+). Additionally, the action-RPG took home 43 awards from polls voted on by audiences rather than media outlets. All told, that's 324 awards.

Interestingly enough, The Last of Us 2 took home more reader's choice awards around two years ago with 108 awards bagged from audiences. Media outlet Game of the Year awards totalled 195 for Naughty Dog's sequel though, ultimately putting it well below Elden Ring in that category at least.

Elden Ring looks to have absolutely dominated Game of the Year voting around the world for 2022, leaving God of War Ragnarok in the dust at 74 total awards. The Last of Us 2 performed a similar feat a few years ago, with Supergiant's fantastic Hades in second place with 64 Game of the Year awards (hey, including one from us!).

Elden Ring claimed its first Game of the Year title all the way back in September of last year, so perhaps it's not any huge surprise that outlets and readers alike were lining up to heap praise on it by the end of the year. 

Elden Ring could be lined up for similar success next year, if a recent datamine holds true. 

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